Interview with hannes from Kissin’ Dynamite

Naar aanleiding van de release van het derde album “Money, Sex & Power” van Kissin’ Dynamite kreeg ik van de promotie-verantwoordelijke van Rock Inc. de vraag of ik geen interview wou doen met de band. Persoonlijk lust ik wel pap van deze band, want zowel op plaat als live kunnen ze mij altijd meer dan overtuigen. Onderstaand interview is het resultaat van een 20 minuten durende spontane en vrolijke babbel


First up Hannes, how are you doing?
We’re doing great! We released a new album and we’ll start a tour in Germany soon. So, everything works out very well.

Have you already seen some reviews from the album?
Yeah, I’ve read some and the reactions are quite good. Almost everybody loves the new album!

A new hype with several new bands is to bring back the sound of the 80’s! Was this done on purpose or do you just love the 80’s?
It’s our passion, we grew up with that kinda music. But it’s a cool effect that the scene gets pushed by a new revival, because bands like GN’R and Motley Cruë are headlining the European festivals this year. This wouldn’t be imaginable five years ago! Even some young bands bring out similar albums.

“Dinosaurs are still alive” is all about the great bands from the 80’s, isn’t it?
It’s a tribute song to our hero’s. You can hear it in the lyrics, there are links to GN’R, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motley Cruë and a lot of other bands we love and admire.

Humor is a big thing among the band. For instance, the lyrics on the last song on the album “Six feet under” totally crack me up. Has it something to do with the tattoo on your chest?
Basically yes, our message when it comes to our songs and the band is: “Just have fun, have a good time and  don’t worry about it”. That’s why we wrote that song and that’s why I got ‘Looking good dead’ on my chest.

We’ll the person who put that on your chest, Sandy Verfaille from Inksane Tattoo en piercing is a friend of mine and told me to say hi to you!
Allright, just say hi back to lovely Sandy!

In the song “Club 27” you sing: “Come on, Jimi – Beam me up!”. Is that referring to guitar player Jim Müller from the band or the one and only Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek?
It’s none of them, actually. It’s to Jimi Hendrix! We sing of the club of rock stars that died at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison are for us also great heroes and we wanted to do a tribute to them as well. It’s got some irony in the lyrics, because it’s a bit their own doing they died (most of them, not all!). They died because of drug use or alcohol….

Other young and upcoming bands like H.e.a.t. and Dynazty are also mainly inspired by the sound of the 80’s. Have you heard of those bands?
Yeah, we are close friends to both of the bands.

I recently did the reviews of those three albums and they all kicked major ass!
Yeah, because the music is THAT good! Hahaha….

I did see all of those bands live on stage but Kissin’ Dynamite is my favorite! Because the whole package (dress code – stage moves – attitude) gets me more. The image the band has is that intentionally or is it to pop up among the other bands?
No, it’s our influence of the 80’s music and to celebrate that kind of music. Personally I like Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach and especially Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. That sleazy look and of course I love Motley Cruë as well. It’s just a kind of lifestyle and it’s a feeling we share through our look and that’s why we do that!

Are there plans for touring in Belgium or the Netherlands?
Yeah in June we’ll be on the bill of the Park City Live festival on the 24th in Heerlen. In the autumn we’ll come back because where on an European tour with Dragonforce.

I’m looking forward to that! For closers would you like to add something for the fans and the readers of the ezine?
Absolutely! I would like to greet every Kissin’ Dynamite fan in Belgium and the Netherlands and they should certainly must buy our new album! There is a change we will be playing Graspop next year if the sales are high enough in Belgium. So, you all know what to do and please like us on our facebookpage.

I wanna chat some more Hannes, but I believe you have another phonecall coming up. So…
Yeah that’s true, but please contact us when we come to Belgium for a show and we can continue this fun conversation face to face.

That’s a deal, Hannes! Bye and see you later.
Okay, bye and thanx for the nice interview!

You’re welcome, man!



Rik Bauters

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