Ronald “bushkabouter” van de Baan: Founder of livereviewer and “leader” of the gang. Someone has to do that dirty job!
You can track me down in  the photopit or at the bar enjoying a good show!
And like Kiki a Guns N’ Roses lover by heart!
Favorite Bands: Guns ‘N Roses

Kiki von DD: Party-animal and good spirit.
She is responsible that you guys understand our reports
Favorite Bands: I guess i don’t have to tell
Quote: ”Vodka” – Korpiklaani … Oh wait that is her favourite drink 😉
Age: 32

Peter “Tiny “ van Rijsbergen: The photographer who is hard to overlook.
Besides making some rocking shots, he also helps with technical issues on the website!
Check out his amazing site:
Favorite bands: Korpiklaani, Nattefrost, Gorerotted
Quote: “yep, that sucks… but remember, it only sucks for YOU” – Hyde

Rik “spam alot ” Bauters: He is our heavy metal and AOR  expert.
He is our main album reviewer and is also a great photographer.
Check out: for his amazing photo’s!
Favorite bands: Europe– Whitesnake … Well everythings that rocks!

Taggi “the Hipster” Eenstroom: this lovely lady can be found on many festivals, especially when Shaking Godspeed is playing!
She keeps the music styles diverse on here….. even electro is no problem for her! She is the allrounder of our team!
Favorite band: Shaking Godspeed

Rob “The Rocker” Meijer: This man is Kiki’s sidekick and helps out with editing , when Kiki had to much vodka again
His main focus is of course rock photography.
Check here his portfolio:

Sjors “Gore” Rothuizen: Besides being in goreband Kaaschaaf ,  he also is head gore department of Liveriewer!
When ya get sick while reading some stuff on here, ya know it’s him who wrote it !
Check out his band on:
Favorite Band:  Well if it’s brutal he is in!

Marchal “The Artist” Nuwenhuis: this man proves that it’s always handy to have an artist  aboard. He designed our logo and made several banners to help and promote our hard efforts!
For more of his art check out :