Den Saakaldte – Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete” – Agonia Records – 4 July 2014

Den Saakaldte – Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete” – Agonia Records – 4 July 2014

After five years of absence there finally is a sign of destruction from Den Saakaldte!
Their dark journey continues on a grim way. No wonder with a band that includes present and past members of Gorgoroth, 1349, Koldbrann, Fortid and Nidingr. Prepare yourself for some crushing black metal!

Den Saakaldte is:

Sykelig- guitars
Seidemann- bass
Eldur- vocals
Tjalve – guitars
Tybalt- drums

Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete”
Den-Saakaldte-Faen-i-Helvete-01With full force Den Saaksaldte blasts out of the speaker. Nice harsh BM riffing and a splendid grunt take us on a fierce dark journey. I just love the brutal vibe these metallers put down on this record. There is a doomy obscure vibe on this record that grabs you at your throat and won’t let go ‘till the last note is blasted out of your speaker. The clean vokills on this record are a nice extra element and add a nice moody atmosphere to the sound! I just love the good production of this record. It was recorded in the Strand studio and Maurice did a really epic job on the mastering. The emotions on this record go deep and dark.

Pure evil sounding BM. What else do you need to terrorize your neighbours with!
A must-have for BM Lovers

Score 4 out 5


1. Din Siste dag
2. Forbanna Idioter
3. Du Selvproklamerte Misjonær
4. Endeløst Øde
5. Djevelens Verk
6. Som Ett Arr på Sjelen
7. Ondskapens Nødvendighet

Text by Ronald van de Baan