Slipknot – 5: The Gray Chapter – Roadrunner/ Warner — Out Now

Slipknot – 5: The Gray Chapter – Roadrunner/ Warner — Out Now

After the death of Paul Gray, Slipknot had some trouble to keep their act going. No wonder if one of the founding members and best mates of the band passes away. In the years that followed they got rid of drummer Jordison and it looked like Slipknot was a step more away from being an alive band.  They found a new drummer boy and bass player and now they are back in business with a tribute to Gray.

Slipknot is:

5: the Gray Chapter
5_The_Gray_Chapter_ArtworkIt’s been a while since the previous record hit the shelves and to be honest, that ain’t the best record the Iowa metal Icons delivered to their Maggots.  When I shove this one in the player I am happy to hear that Slipknot did not lose their typical sound, but changed enough around to keep it fresh and interesting. The opener on the record is an emotional softie to start the tribute for Paul.  Not the Slipknot we are used to and I must say I might even like this new sound a bit better than their previous work. The follow up is one of the few songs that dive more back to the old Slip… This time around with a much clearer production than we are used to. It feels a bit like they cleaned up and took out all the rough edges in their sound. Corey uses his clean vocals more and more. Not that big of a fan of Slipknot and Stone Sour, but must say I always loved Corey’s vocal capacity. He is one of the better ones out there.

Slipknot almost hit the radio friendly spot here. To me it was a wise decision of them. Before it felt more like teenage smashing and rebelling, now they found a more mature sound and more diversity. One of my favorites on this record perhaps is “Skeptic”. This song really shows their love for Paul.  Throughout the record you find little references to their loss lyric wise and that gives something special to the record.

Slipknot went a bit more poppier in their sound. But it ain’t a bad thing. It took them away from being a band for teenage emo kids who are against everything in the system.  I think this record will widen their audience a bit more!

Score 3,8 out 5


1.            “XIX”
2.            “Sarcastrophe”
3.            “AOV”
4.            “The Devil in I”
5.            “Killpop”
6.            “Skeptic”
7.            “Lech”
8.            “Goodbye”
9.            “Nomadic”
10.          “The One That Kills the Least”
11.          “Custer”
12.          “Be Prepared for Hell”
13.          “The Negative One”
14.          “If Rain Is What You Want”


Text: Ronald van de Baan

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