Singer Tåve is in her homeland Sweden well known as part of the teen pop duo Peaches. Check YouTube if you like. But she made a full turn with Adrelanine Rush. She handpicked the musicians from other bands around Stockholm and under the direction of producer Erik Martensson they wrote some tunes. The label Frontiers Records picked up the band and released their self title debut. Are you ready for a rush of adrenaline?

Adrenaline Rush is:

Tåve Wanning – lead vocals
Ludvig Turner – lead guitar, vocals
Alexander Hagman – guitar, vocals
Soufian Ma’Aoui – bass, vocals
Marcus Johansson – drums

1979719_708957202493667_8505848447351578878_nWhen the guitars kick in after a rather spacy intro the influence of Mr. Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) is obvious. The crispy and catchy sound of the riffs in opener “Black n’ Blue” are an instant like. Tåve’s voice has a slightly sexy (read ‘naughty’) undertone. She has an powerful clear voice, with a raw edge. But who has seen this band on stage knows that this girl has also a huge dose of attitude. The fast and even more catchy “Change” was released as the first single from the album. Tåve sings a bit lower here, but during the chorus she shows her power! The guitar solo from Ludvig reminds me a bit of John Norum (during his ‘Wings of Tomorrow’ period). The best way to get an image of Tåve’s stage performance is listening to the more straight forward “Generation Left Behind”. This song breathes attitude and Tåve will certainly bring the heads of the male audience spin! The same can be said for the party rocker “Girls Gone Wild”.

Time for some romance during the ballad “When We’re Gone”. During the more melodic “Want It All” it becomes clear that Tåve’s voice has also it’s limits. But the girl is young and she will definitely still grow! Her range needs to expand more (in the lower range). But this song still sounds wonderful to my ears! The rocker “Too Young To Die” has a great bass line and is followed by the ultimate sing-along “Oh Yeah!”. This is my favorite track from the album with Def Leppard riffs and some W.E.T. influences. The sensitive middle section is the cherry on this melodic pie! The party continues with “No No No”. This rocker sounds a bit sleazy and also holds an awesome bass line! Another favorite of mine is “Playin’ To Win”. Some Irish guitar chords ( Gary Moore) are followed with a extreme melodic rolling riffs ( à la Eclipse). The guitar work draws your attention here! The no-nonsense up tempo rocker “Hit You Like A Rock” concludes this energetic piece of female fronted melodic rock. Britney Spears would say: “Baby, hit me one more time!”.

Adrenaline Rush delivered a very good debut album and I believe the band still can grow! Tåve’s voice will have to mature a bit. But she makes up for that with her attitude in a big way! I’ve seen this band live on stage in Milan at the Frontiers Rock festival and believe me when I say that this girl can kick some serious but!

Who likes catchy melodic rock with some infectious riffs and songs with attitude will love this one! Hoping on catchin’ the band live on stage in the near future.

Track list:

1.      Black n’ Blue
2.      Change
3.      Generation Left Behind
4.      Girls Gone Wild
5.      When We’re Gone
6.      Want It All
7.      Too Young To Die
8.      Oh Yeah!
9.      No No No
10.  Playin’ To Win
11,  Hit You Like A Rock

Score: 4 out of 5


Tekst Rik Bauters

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