Age Sten Nilsen’s Ammunition – Shanghaied – AOR HEAVEN – Release: January 23rd 2015.

When Wigwam surprisingly decided to call it a day after thirteen years, singer Age Sten soon formed his own band. He gathered a few killer musicians and started to write new songs. Erik Mårtensson handles all guitars and has also graced this album with his production skills. The album was already released in Japan at the end of last year, but is getting a proper release now in the rest of the world through AOR HEAVEN.

Ammunition is:

Age Sten Nilsen – vocals
Hal Patino – bass
Robban Bäck – drums
Erik Mårtensson – guitars
Lasse Finbråthen – keyboards
Jon Pettersen – guitars

ammunition-shanghaidThe album kicks of with the absolutely cracker “Silverback”. Erik is the king of the catchy riff and Age has a voice that fits like a black latex glove around this kinda stuff. The rhythm section consisting of the bass from Hal Patino and the pounding drums from Robban is heavily present in the sound. A killer opener! In fact, I can keep this review short this time around. If you’re (just like me) a fan of Erik’s guitar playing, you’re gonna adore this album. All songs are stuffed with his awesome riffage. On “Tie Me Down” he even sounds sleazy and the mighty GnR comes to mind. On the ballad “Road To Babylon” it’s time for Age to shine. The band isn’t afraid to experiment. Just listen to the gospel intro of “Take Out The Enemies”. Another highlight is the more commercial sounding “Wild Card”. I just can’t get enough of that track. The songs all get stuck in your head and lift up the mood you’re in. That’s one of the main reasons, why I’m a fan of the genre. It always makes me feel good, no matter what happened before or what bad news I got! But hey, music is my healer!

All the people who love the previous albums Erik has worked on must buy this shiny silver disc! It’s a party from start to finish, people. But also lovers of crunchy guitars with superb vocals must check this one out. The band has announced a tour with Erik’s own Eclipse in the Northern part of Europe. But I’m begging on my knees to bring that bill over here, guys!

Track list:

  1. Silverback
  2. Give me A Sign
  3. Shangaied
  4. Tie ME Down
  5. Road To Babylon
  6. Take Out The Enemies
  7. Hit Me (With Your Bombs)
  8. Do You Like It
  9. Wild Card
  10. Another Piece Of Me
  11. Heart’s Not In It
  12. Strung Out

Score: 4,5 out of 5


Written by Rik Bauters