Ages – The Malefic Miasma – Black Lodge Records – Release: April 24th 2015

Ages – The Malefic Miasma – Black Lodge Records – Release: April 24th 2015.

Ages’ mission at the start in 2011 was to focus on releasing singles instead of full albums. While they did release three songs filled with glorious melodic black metal there hasn’t been a release for years. Until the 24th of April that is, when the band will finally unleash a full collection of songs upon the world called “The Malefic Miasma”!

Ages is:
Andreas “Hvergelmer” Olander – Vocals & Guitars
Daniel “Eldhrimnir” Beckman – Backing Vocals, Keyboards&Violin
Brice Leclercq – Bass

The Malefic Miasma
PromoImage (1)From the opening acoustic guitar on “At the Behest of Reason” you know that something big is coming your way. And when the sluice gates open up you will be entranced with a full and rich sound of melodic black metal. While the first song alone is pretty diverse, even including a near choir-like backing at parts, it all fits together perfectly to create a sense of melancholy and longing. There is a lot of power in the drums, guitars and orchestration as well as Andreas’s perfectly harsh and quite understandable vocals.

Throughout the album there is also a heavy focus on acoustic guitar which really gives the songs a beautiful atmosphere. It’s a near-perfect fusion of aggression and melody and due to the acoustic parts I can actually easily recommend this album to fans of pagan and the more serious folk metal bands.  Most songs are mid- to up-tempo, with the occasional jumps in aggressive speed or serene slowness, which make this album a very exciting musical journey. I do find myself occasionally lamenting the lack of a production that has just that much more power behind it. This album would really blow people away. But as it stands, the focus is on the songs themselves, rather than audio warfare, which is a good thing.

If I didn’t get this album through a colleague I would’ve missed out on some absolutely terrific music. It’s a shame that this band hasn’t garnered that many fans yet, because they really deserve to be heard.

Track list:

  1. At the Behest of Reason
  2. The Malefic Miasma
  3. Absent Tribulation
  4. Spawn of the Tyrants
  5. Apotheosis
  6. Ardent Storms
  7. From the Ashes of Time
  8. Mountains Ablaze

Score: 4.8 out of 5


Tekst by: Robert Popovic

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