Allegaeon – Elements Of The Infinite – MetalBlade Records – Out Now

Allegaeon – Elements Of The Infinite – MetalBlade Records – Out Now

Allegaeon  has made some changes in their line-up since their previous release.  Obvious fans are a bit scared if those changes won’t affect the sounds of their beloved band. Their style still remains extreme technical death metal. Let’s see if the new members made them chew out some new killer complex songs!

Allegaeon is

Ezra Haynes – vocals
Michael Stancel – guitar
Greg Burgess – guitar
Corey Archuleta – bass
Brandon Park – drums

Elements Of The Infinite
Allegaeon-Elements-of-the-Infinite-2014When I hit play I first thought I put on the wrong record.  A bit theatrical soundscape comes out of the speakers. Not to shabby, but not what I dare to expect from Allegaeon.  The album slightly starts of in the wrong foot In my humble opinion. The reason why?  What follows on this record are some nice examples of killer songwriting, which stands in contrast with the opening of this record. The buildups in the songs are supreme and I love the dare of improvisation they put in these songs. Excellent guitar solos gets easily transformed in some brutal riffing.  Newcomer Brandon brings some nice pounding to this record. I love the switch between going insane and being gentle in his playing.  The guitar solos are really finger licking good on this album. Those solos sure make the band out stand themselves in this genre.  I just love how the acoustic parts are mixed in between the wall of technical death. The music is challenging and complex but still it’s easy to digest and to enjoy! Where some bands loose themselves in being creative, Allegaeon just hits the nail on this one.

That the band is technical skilled we already knew. The challenge is to put such skills into great songs.  As far as I can tell the band succeed and brings the fans a fine piece of technical death metal most will adore!

Score 4,2 out 5


1. Threshold of Preception 6:06
2. Tyrants of the Terrestrial Exodus 4:18
3. Dyson Sphere 4:47
4. The Phylogenesis Stretch 4:18
5. 1. 618 4:17
6. Gravimetric Time Dilation 5:26
7. Our Cosmic Casket 5:05
8. Biomech II 5:17
9. Through Ages Of Ice – Otzi’s Curse 5:39
10. Genocide for Praise – Vals For The Vitruvian Man 12:48

Written by Ronald van de Baan