Interview with Amon Amarth

Interview with Amon Amarth.

Naar aanleiding van hun nieuwe release “Jomsviking” was het uiteraard tijd om Amon Amarth een paar vragen te stellen. Ted Lundström heeft de vragen beantwoord en de uitkomst lees je hieronder.

Ester SegarraThe new release is a concept album. Is that easier to create than a normal record?
“No, it is actually the other way around. You have so much more things to worry about when you have to follow a story from start to finish. You can’t swap songs around to find a good flow and each song needs to have the right atmosphere.”

“Jomsviking” is your tenth release, how do you guys look back at your discography so far?
“I think we have managed to keep a high standard all through the career and make each album stronger than the previous one. You can see it with the growing fanbase for each release.”

You have been together for more than thirteen years, going strong with the Viking stuff if I’m correct. How do you look back at that ride and did you ever expect it to get this big?
“It is actually more like 20 years, but we had no idea we would still be going in 2016 when we were standing in our first rehearsal place. When we started the first dream was to get a record deal, and for each new goal we reached, we have set up new goal.”

The guys in the band are one of the few that were able to quit their dayjobs! Carpenter, butcher, and even a postman. Do you guys miss the “normal life”?
“We are living the dream, we get paid to do what we love, so I don’t think we miss our old normal life. And you know that there will be plenty time left to try normal life after the band’s career is over.”

What’s it like to work with a major label like Sony as a metal artist?
“For us it is not a big difference. We’re still on Metal blade in the USA and we have Sony helping us in Europe. They have been very supporting and I think they did a great job promoting this new album.”

amon amarthBesides touring and releasing “Jomsviking”, what else is in the pipeline for Amon Amarth?
“That is pretty much the plan for the near future. We will start touring the world and probably record another music video during the summer.”

The band will perform at Tilburg this week and play at Fortarock. How is it to hit the Dutch again?
“The Netherlands have always been good to us, so it will be great to play again. Really looking forward to see if we have gained some new fans from the shows we did for the last album.”

What do you prefer? A club gig or a festival gig and why?
“I like both kind of gigs. Festivals are good because of the bigger crowds and the usually very happy atmosphere festival people create. Club gigs are cool because you know that all the people came to see your band and you get a much more close interaction with the audience, a lot of energy goes both ways.”

You guys can already be proud with what you achieved. Are there still things you wish to accomplish with Amon Amarth?
“We always try to find new destinations where we can bring Amon Amarth, play new places or just do something outside the music like art or movies.”

Thanks for your time! Have fun in the Netherlands and the rest of the tour! Any last words to our readers?
“I will end with a “Raise your horns!” Cheers!”

Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan

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