Anihilated – Anti Social Engineering – 7th Vile Records – Out Now.

One thing I can always rely on in this age of generic metal, which spews forth will nilly and is hailed as pushing the boundaries and all that nonsense which, for an old metal head like me, heard it all when it truly did push the boundaries and had us all thrashing like lunatics, is that one band will rise above it all, restore my faith in the metal music scene and refresh my weary soul.. and that band is ANIHILATED.

Anihilated is:

Simon Cobb-Bass/Vocals
Danny B-Guitars
Todd Manning-Guitar

Anti Social Engineering
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Formed in 1981 Anihilated are one of Britain’s first crossover/thrash metal bands.  Bucking the trend they chose not to adopt the usual satanic themes of metal preferring instead to express their punk ideals and beliefs of self-empowerment and social justice. The recession of the 1990’s saw major record labels swallowing up some of the best independent labels whilst others withered and died. Anihilated became a casualty of the carnage and disbanded. 2008 saw Anihilated reform and in 2010 their comeback album “ Scorched Earth Policy” received superb reviews and their fourth studio album “iDeviant” saw their long time comrade and close friend Mark B hanging up his guitar. Danny B has taken his place and so a new era begins and with it “Anti-Social Engineering”…

Always a band who tells it as it is and with their no holds barred attitude Anihilated have excelled yet again.  “Anti-Social Engineering” is an album which will have you screaming with joy and thrashing like a mad thing around your living room.  Si Cobb’s vocals are excellent, his guttural snarls and soaring screams will give you chills.  Their anger at the social injustices and atrocities being perpetrated across the globe whilst we sit, plugged into our computers cocooned from it all, is palpable on this album; driven home by the outstanding drumming of the amazing Bod and the cries and screams of displaced and tortured people are carried to our consciousness through the exceptional guitar play of Todd and Danny.

The added bonus for thrash fans has to be the track “Thrashing Crew” which features the guest vocals of Sy Keeler (Onslaught) Coke Finlay (Virus) and Jason McLoughlin (D.A.M) and I have to say I have never heard Sy Keeler wail so well in his career.

This album is all thriller and no filler; each track is well executed, raw, angry and in your face.  I find it hard to pick one or two tracks to name as stand outs as they are all outstanding but if you put a gun to my head and told me to pick two then I would have to say “Vultures” and “I Am the Beholder” but the more I listen to this album, the more I love it.  I can’t fault it, it has truly blown me away and I really hope they come to Ireland soon as I need to hear them play “Anti-Social Engineering” live. Well done lads on an exceptional album, I have been Anihilated once again. \m/

*Anihilated’s European Tour kicks off in Berlin, Germany on the 7th May and they play three shows there before hitting the Netherlands and then the UK. Check their website for more info*

Track list:
1.They Lie, We Die
2. Seas Of Red
3. The Slaughter Continues
4. Anti Social Engineering
5. Zombie-13
6. A Vile Congregation
7. Torn By The Tooth
8. Thrashing Crew
9. Vultures
10. I Am The Beholder

Score: 5 out of 5


Text: Regina Mitchell

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