Antimatter – The Judas Table – Prophecy Records – Release: Out Now

Antimatter – The Judas Table – Prophecy Records – Release: Out Now.

antimatter-the-judas-tableListening to “The Judas Table” I’m reminded of the first time I encountered Antimatter. The band played at a local festival in my hometown a few years back and amidst a lot heavy bands Antimatter felt like a moment of tranquillity. Soft prog rock to gently sway to.
It was most definitely not a moment to grab some food, despite the timeslot, but it was a moment for relaxing.
Cut to the present day and it’s good to hear that listening to the band still gives that feeling of being at ease. Where bands often open with fireworks ‘Black Eyed Man’ is actually a rather slow and soft track and even the more passionate chorus is pretty subdued.
Despite the sinister title ‘Killer’ is still in the same soft vein, with a keyboard giving it a chilly atmosphere. Later on in the song it does rev up the engines a bit and a heavy guitar sets the mood.
To show that they can always go softer ‘Comrades’ is one of the most emotional songs I’ve heard in a long while and Mick Moss’ sometimes fragile vocals give you the chills and really do the lyrics justice. It’s quite a big contrast when ‘Stillborn Empires’ gets going. It really has that late 90s/early 00s goth metal feel, especially when the female vocals kick in and the same kind of structure and feel can actually be found in ‘Can of Worms’ as well, though the female vocals are way more in the background here.
The aptly named ‘Goodbye’ closes down the album in a soft way and where that can sometimes work as a downer, it works really well for “The Judas Table”, as it is in general a rather subdued piece of work.
The album isn’t made for racing down the highway, but it will be a perfect companion for the longer trips. While overall the soft songs will keep you swaying, the occasional spurts of guitarwork fires do make for a nice change and most certainly do make the songs just a bit more lively.

Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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