Arcturus – The Arcturian – Prophecy – Out Now

Arcturus – The Arcturian – Prophecy – Out Now.

Arcturus-ArcturianArcturus is one of the household names in the “avant-garde metal” scene. With past and present members of bands like Ulver, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar and Ved Buen they really had a talented bunch of musicians pulled together. Founded in the mid-80ties they were already way ahead of time. With their latest offering they still follow that path. There is so much dark beauty put in this record. All the details and their art of song crafting really show their passion for pure music. It might be a bit too progressive for some listeners. But when you take the time to go deep with this record a real gem awakens.

The ten songs take us on a melancholic journey which will haunt you for some time. Sometimes it gets messy, sometimes it’s well-structured. No matter which of those they give us, it fits perfectly and melds together in dark beauty. Some parts you want to bang, some parts you just go lay down and ease out on the hypnotic paced drumming of drum lord “HellHammer”. The intensity of this record is immense. Especially the vocal parts of Vortex are responsible for it. Where many singers try to give us something special, Vortex is one of those who really succeed.

Yet again Arcturus bring us a record which is a must buy for avant-garde metal lovers. They still are one of the best in a scene they somehow invented themselves.

Score 4,1 out of 5


Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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