Armageddon – Captivity and Devourment – Listenable Records – Release: January 26th 2015

Armageddon – Captivity and Devourment – Listenable Records – Release: January 26th 2015.

It’s been silent in the Armageddon camp for a very long time. Their last album “Three” was released in 2003 and aside from a re-release coupled with their second album “Embrace the Mystery” hardly anything has been heard. Luckily the band around Christopher Amott is back, although you’d almost think it was a completely different band!

Armageddon is:
Matt Hallquist – Lead vocals
Christopher Amott – Guitars and clean vocals
Joey Concepcion – Guitars
Sara Claudius – Bass
Márton Veress – Drums

Captivity and Devourment
armageddonMy mind might fail me, but the previous two albums were only released in Japan, with a double-pack release in Europe some time later. That was the first encounter I had with the band. Very good melodic metal with a lot of power to it and superb guitar playing.

How very different was it when I fired up “Captivity and Devourment”! No melodic power metal, but a full on melo-death song exploded from my speakers. Was this really the same Armageddon? Well, mister Amott’s in it, so it must be!
Luckily it’s still a very melodic piece of work and the guitar work is awesome. Just think of it as Armageddon on steroids and you’ll be fine. Granted though, it might be tough to get past the aggressive screams and growls of Matt Hallquist. What raw power! And what a shame that he and the band have parted ways already.

His harsh vocals are a nice contrast to Amott’s cleaner vocals, which serve to have the harsh riffs and melodic play blend together perfectly.
The songs are nicely diverse and often seem to remind me of other bands, especially Arch Enemy and Annihilator. Just listen to “Background Radiation” and tell me it’s not inspired by Annihilator’s “Crystal Ann”!
Influences or links aside, this is a very nice way for Armageddon to return to the scene. While it might sound different at first, you’ll soon recognise the band again. The music just gained a bigger set of balls.

Finally the silence has been broken and Armageddon are back. With a powerful and very melodic album this band has years of life left in them and I can’t wait to see what heights they’ll reach!

Track list:

  1. Captivity and Devourment
  2. Locked In
  3. Rendition
  4. Fugitive Dust
  5. Conquer
  6. Thanatron
  7. Background Radiation
  8. The Watcher
  9. Equalizer
  10. Giants

Score: 4.2 out of 5


Written by Robert Popovic

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