Art of Anarchy – Art of Anarchy – Another Media – Release, june 8th 2015

Art of Anarchy – Art of Anarchy – Another Media – Release, June 8th 2015

Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver), Ron Thal (Guns N’ Roses) and Moyer (Disturbed) have found each other and started a socalled ‘supergroup’ to bring us back some great rock and anarchy! With so much talent in one band it can’t go wrong (we hope). Let’s see if these fine artists have found a good chemistry together to bring us a great record.

Art of Anarchy is:

Scott Weiland (vocals)
Bumblefoot (guitar)
John Moyer (bass)
Jon Votta (guitar)
Vince Votta (drums)

Art of Anarchy
AOA_AlbumCover-300x300After an nice bad weather sample with some great Spanish acoustics, the record dives straight in ”a Small Batch Whiskey”. With Scott Weiland on the vocals it’s finger crossed how the good man will sound.  We’ve all heard and seen his live footage a couple of weeks ago and it isn’t pretty is a nice way to put that vocal abuse down. Thank god we got him in good shape on this record. Weiland isn’t my favorite singer. His nasal vocal use is a bit too much for my taste sometimes.
Thank god for vocal editing. Which makes the fact that Scott is on this record not a letdown.

Enough about Scott, back to the rest of this more than magnificent CD. The boys (Votta Brothers, Moyer and Thal) give us some pretty rock ‘n’ roll. I love how each of them puts his own stamp in the sound. The record is produced and engineered by Ron Thal (Guns N’ Roses) and he’s responsible for giving everyone his moment to shine on this record. I love how the bass work of Moyer (Disturbed) is put forward in the mix. No loudness war, but detailed in every layer on this record. The drums of Votta are well balanced. With his producing and editing skills Ron Thal shows he is more than just a talented guitar player.

Ron Thal is a guitar virtuoso, but this time around he kept his signature shredding and fiddling on a slower pace and gave this record are a more straightforward rock approach. Of course there are enough big-ass solo with his stamp to be found on this debut.

Of course many will say it’s a VR copycat. Don’t listen to the ignorant. Dive unbiased into this record and you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity on this little gem.  Now and then it leans a bit on other familiar acts like: AC/DC, Rob Zombie and even Kiss comes to mind with some of the songs. Art of Anarchy just took the best of these many rock styles and brought it back in their own creative way on this record.

Sadly it seems that Scott already put the band on hold by stating he’s no longer in Art of Anarchy. Let’s hope they work it out or even better: get a more ‘solid’ vocalist on board and hit the road!

Score 4,6 out 5


  1. Black Rain
  2. Small Batch Whiskey
  3. Time Everytime
  4. Get On
  5. Grand Applause
  6. Til The Dust Is Gone
  7. Death Of It
  8. Superstar
  9. Aqualung
  10. Long Ago
  11. The Drift


Text by Ronald van de Baan

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