At The Hollow – What I Hold Most Dear – Spinefarm Records – Release: February 16th 2015.

Sadness and loads of atmosphere coming at you through your speakers.

At The Hollow is:

Kalle Koo – guitar & vocals
Juho Martikainen – contrabass
Risto Järvelin – percussion

What I Hold Most Dear
I will freely admit that I sometimes struggle when it comes to defining what genre of music a particular band is playing. At The Hollow has succeeded in making this nearly impossible. At the very least it is unmistakably rock. After that it becomes a lot harder to define it further.
When you listen to this album the overall feeling you get is gloomy and melancholy. The fact that they use a contrabass played with a bow is a big part of this. It gives the songs a very deep and powerful sound. This overall feeling is also reflected in the lyrics.

It’s not all dark and dreary with them though. The vocals and guitars certainly can get uptempo at times, maybe not enough to get you swinging, but certainly lightening the overall weight of the songs.We start off with the first single of the album “Was It Worth It”. A nice opener and good representative of the album due to its overall tempo and subtle and fragile moments which represent the album very well.

Every so often things slow down a bit and we get some really nice sweeping almost fragile gems. Songs like “Paleface”, “Dead Memories”, “Numbed” and “Last Hour” are good examples that these boys are very good at doing much with less.
Being only a trio I’m pretty surprised how full and complete all the songs are. These three guys really did a hell of a job composing and recording this album.

There is one song though which stood out for me. The second to last track “Echoes” starts off nice and slow and you might think you’re just listening to one of the slower tracks. But about two thirds in it really starts building up in intensity and finishes with almost an explosion of sound and emotional release. Although I love the whole album, this is by far my favourite track.
I am going to keep a close eye on these guys. If you pull this off for your debut album I’m very curious what you are going to amaze me with next.
For now this album will be on repeat for awhile though.

It may not have been the easiest thing ever trying to describe this album, seeing these boys certainly go their own way, it is however not difficult to recommend this album. If you’re a fan of good music and you’re not opposed to a bit of heavier rock now and again this is certainly worth your time. I would start by checking out their single and if you like that one, you will not regret picking up the album. In fact, I think you will be in for a very nice surprise as I was.


  1. Was It Worth It
  2. Otherside
  3. Paleface
  4. Dead Memories
  5. Withered Speech
  6. Second Time
  7. Numbed
  8. Last Hour
  9. Watch & Learn
  10. Echoes

Score: 4.2 out of 5


Written by Rik Leppers

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