Black Fate was formed in 1990 in Larissa Greece by Nikos & Elias Tsintzilonis, Heracles Fanarakis and Stelios Papakostas. They released two demos called “Black Fate” and “A Piece of Dream” which earned great reviews from the Greek metal media and the band started playing their first shows.

In 2000 after a few line-up changes the debut album “Uncover” was released by Secret Port Records and two years later the two demos were also re-released together on an album with the title “A Piece of Dream”.

In 2007 Nikos Tsintzilonis met Vasilis Georgiou and decided to put Black Fate back on track. They started working on new material and writing new songs for a new album and began to make plans for a new beginning of the band. The result of all this work was the album “Deliverance of Soul” that was released in 2009 by Asiral Records.

After the album release the old lineup couldn’t follow the band’s live obligations and the search for new band members started. After some searching Black Fate recruited guitarist Gus Drax known for his presence in the progressive metal band Biomechanical from the UK, and also from Sunburst and his solo album “In Search of Perfection”. Vasilis Liakos from the band Innosense also joined Black Fate. This line-up started working on new material and after two and a half years of composing the band recorded this new album.

Black Fate is:

Vasilis Georgiou – Vocals
Gus Drax – Guitars
Vasilis Liakos – Bass
Nikos Tsintzilonis – Drums

download (2)When opener “Rhyme of a False Orchestra” really kicks off after a bombastic intro it’s perfectly clear where the influences lie here. Think of a mixture of Kamelot and the mighty Conception. Both bands had singer Roy Khan in their ranks and Vasilis’ voice has a high Khan – factor. Which is meant as a compliment of course. The first time I saw Vasilis and guitarist Gus Drax on stage together was in 2013 with their other more progressive sounding band Sunburst. The 7-string man was a real virtuoso, but here he holds back on the extravaganza he displays with Sunburst. No worries, people…. Gus treats us with crushing riffs and furious, melodic solos. “Lines in the Sand” is even more melodic and the band injected some keys and light orchestration into the sound. I wonder who came up with the idea? Gus delivers the goods with a faster than light guitar solo! “The Game of Illusion” is a slower track, but the drums go wild at certain time frames! It strikes me how much Vasilis voice skills have grown since 2013 (and he was already outstanding back then). His warm voice constantly draws your attention on this album. The romantic intro from “Into the Night” turns the mood and Vasilis shines like a bright star on a pitch dark night! But the song makes a U-turn and becomes a riff dominated power track with a smoother chorus. During the second solo Gus demonstrates that solos can be pure emotion! The squeaking riff from Gus makes me smile from ear to ear on “In Your Eyes”. Although the songs can be catalogued under the same moniker, each song sounds a bit different and holds a slightly different feel.  But the most surprising goodies come from the magic fingers of Gus! The heavier side of Gus is displayed on “State of Conformity” and his skills on the acoustic guitar can be heard on the power ballad “Without Saying a Word”. “Perfect Crime” follows the path again of fast paced riffs, pounding drums, killer vocals and supporting keys. “Weight of the World” has the hardest parts from the whole album. I guess Mr. Drax’ love for the big progressive bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X floated to the surface here. This album closes with the bombastic instrumental “In Fear”.

The addition of Gus Drax has certainly made the sound a bit heavier. The album can easily be listened to in one go and never bores for a second. The combination of the golden voice from Vasilis and the guitar skills from Gus makes this a must have release from fans of the genre. Many will hear the link with Kamelot and the slightly older guys (like me) will hear the connection with Conception as well.

Hopefully there is a chance I can see the guys live in Belgium or the Netherlands with Black Fate in the nearby future. Strongly recommended release!

Track list:

  1. Rhyme of a False Orchestra
  2. Lines in the Sand
  3. The Game of Illusion
  4. Into the Night
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. Call of the Wild
  7. State of Conformity
  8. Without Saying a Word
  9. Perfect Crime
  10. Weight of the World
  11. In Fear

Score: 4,5 out of 5


Written by Rik Bauters