Blunt Knife Idol – Greed Heritage – Herrie Records – Release: Out Now

Blunt Knife Idol – Greed Heritage – Herrie Records – Release: Out Now.

a3221714880_16Here’s one for the lovers of old school grindcore. No frills, pigs or polka. Just high speed short bursts of musical aggressive behaviour.
The band had to search around for both a record company as well as a singer and they found both in Herrie from Herrie Records! Not exactly an unknown person in the Dutch grind scene Herrie knew what he signed up for and, as said, this is an uncompromising piece of work. Taking a good note from one of the biggest scene masters Napalm Death (and a few others, yet my uneducated mind would not be able to tell) you can expect a truckload of very short songs, including two massive explosions clocking in under ten seconds, yet the longest song (over 4 minutes!) also harkens back to the heroes of ND with “Suffer the Children”.
All in all it’s a nice collection of songs, just don’t expect any real coherency other that the fact that it’s all grindcore. While the sound production isn’t top notch, it is very decent and really fits the album.
This is grindcore taken seriously, with just the odd wink here and there and a massive love for the old school.

Score: 3.8 out of 5


Text by Robert Popovic

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