Review: Bodily Dismemberment – Cabin of Horrors – Self-released – Release: Out Now

Review: Bodily Dismemberment – Cabin of Horrors – Self-released – Release: Out Now.

Bodily DismembermentThese days it’s easy to trip over crappy old school death metal bands, stumble across the road and end up as cover artwork for said bands. Yet every now and then there is an underground band that just gets everything perfectly right. From the songs themselves to the production, through the lyrics into the accompanying artwork.
Bodily Dismemberment is a band just like that. Created by just two damned souls and one hell of a mystical audio engineer, with a wee bit of help from the legendary Kam Lee this “Cabin of Horrors” is a pure love letter to death/doom metal bands of old and especially the Evil Dead movie. Never before has it been so tempting to become a Deadite.

The songs are a perfect mix, ranging from heavy and fast hitters to slow plodding hulks and often haunting tunes, not to mention the enticing and oft repeated ‘Join Us!’, which makes the US army recruitment posters look like child’s play.
I have to put in major props for the audio as well, because this album is nicely raw without being too much of a noise barrage, though I do love the occasional more heavily distorted guitar thrown into the mix.

You can listen to the album for free through the link below and there will be a limited home-made release which is pretty much mandatory for lovers of old school death/doom metal as well as Evil Dead!

Score: 4 out of 5

Bodily Dismemberment Facebook
Bodily Dismemberment Bandcamp

Text by: Robert Popovic

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