Cannibal Corpse, Aeon and Revocation – Hedon Zwolle, 21-10-2014

Cannibal Corpse – Aeon – Revocation @ Hedon Zwolle- Netherlands

After the killer release “A Skeletal Domain” (you can read the review “here”) Cannibal Corpse of course is on the road again of course to promote this killer to the masses. First an interview with drummer Paul and then off to the stage to enjoy some great bands.

IMG_2641 copyAeon is the first to hit the stage and they hit it hard. I did not have the pleasure to see the guys perform before. This time I am lucky and I can enjoy the great songs this band has managed to create over the years.  It is a strong solid performance and a great way to open this night.

IMG_2728 copyIt’s not all death blasting out of the speakers this evening. Revocation is labeled technical death/thrash. To my ears it’s more thrash than death.  The brutal thrash fits enough with the rest of the bill tonight. Enjoyable as fuck and the little humor thrown in is appreciated by the audience who are cool enough to show up at a midweek show. Thumbs up for them too!

IMG_2759 copyNow in Hedon Zwolle it’s time for one of the pioneers of brutal death metal. 26 years of slamming death. One thing is for sure; we are in for a treat.  Cannibal Corpse always deliver and this time around it isn’t different.  Many classics show up and besides the little talks from frontman Corpsegrinder it’s just blastastic. All the little art pieces from their discography are being played. “Fucked with a Knife”, “Skull of Maggots” and much more brutal shit gets covered tonight. Three new songs from “A Skeletal Domain” easily fit in with the rest. What’s left to say? Cannibal Corpse still deliver after 26 years strong!
Text and Photo’s by Ronald van de BaanRevo

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