Carach Angren – This Is No Fairytale – Season of Mist – Release: February 20th 2015

Carach Angren – This Is No Fairytale – Season of Mist – Release: February 20th 2015

Some bands just seem to rocket upwards into fame with every release and Carach Angren is no exception. While “Lammendam” was loved by many, the band was still quite under the radar. That all changed since the release of “Death Came Through a Phantom Ship” from 2010, which told a great horror story about the infamous ship ‘The Flying Dutchman’.
“Where the Corpses Sink Forever” from 2012 brought them even more fans and I am very interested in seeing where their new album will bring them. Get ready for another round of ghost stories with “This is no Fairytale”.

Carach Angren is:
Seregor – Vocals & Guitars
Ardek – Keyboards & Orchestra
Namtar – Drums

This Is No Fairytale
477020Like the album title states; there are no fairy tales here. Carach Angren are here to bring you horror stories, accompanied with a soundtrack of sublime symphonic black metal. While each previous album already blew me away I wondered if their formula wouldn’t become stale. And here they are again, with symphonic black metal, sounding even viler and more blasphemous than before! Sure, it’s the same old shtick, but godverdomme, they polish their sound with each new album.
Tales of dread told with a superbly venomous tongue, audibly oozing with fresh blood, accompanied by malignant riffs, hellpounding drums and sinister symphonies. Each and every song is filled with musical eargasms and if you close your eyes you will see the stories unfold into grisly horror.

I can’t even really name one highlight of the album, because I feel that I would do any other song short.
I could keep going on and on about this album, but to be honest: This is Carach Angren as they always have been; perfectly sinister, dark and gruesome.

You would think that keeping to the same formula would take away any surprises, but Carach Angren really have mastered their craft of storytelling and theatrics. Symphonic horror metal at its finest!

Track list:

  1. Once Upon a Time…
  2. There’s No Place Like Home
  3. When Crows Tick on Windows
  4. Two Flies Flew into a Black Sugar Cobweb
  5. Dreaming of a Nightmare in Eden
  6. Possessed by a Craft of Witchery
  7. Killed and Served by the Devil
  8. The Witch Perished in Flames
  9. Tragedy Ever After

Score: 4,8 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic

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