Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction – Metal Blade Records – Release: Out Now

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction – Metal Blade Records – Release: Out Now.

As one of the most animal friendly bands around Cattle Decapitation has made an art form out of decrying mankind’s many fouls against nature with a superb blend of technical death metal and grindcore. Recently they released their seventh album “The Anthropocene Extinction” which gives a grim vision about mankind’s future.

Cattle Decapitation is:
Travis Ryan – Vocals
Josh Elmore – Guitar
Derek Engemann – Bass guitar
Dave McGraw – Drums

The Anthropocene Extinction
CattleDecapitation-TheAnthropoceneExtinction“Manufactured Extinct” opens up with a minute long brooding intro before diving headfirst into a technical barrage of brutal death metal music accompanied by Ryan’s deep grunts and dying-like screams. The lyrics show off the fall of mankind in its egocentrically state of mind. The hyper melodic guitar solo shows a great contrast to the brutal grindtastic music. There’s no rest for the weary though, because as soon as the opening track seems to simmer down the band rages on with “The Prophets of Loss”, which sees a guest appearance by Phil Anselmo.
“Plagueborne” opens up with an oddly organic machine hybrid intro done by Author & Punisher and despite the heavy beginning of the song itself it’s one of the more melodic tracks on the albums. There’s a certain bombast to the more melodic parts of it without neglecting on the extreme nature of the band.
The first real break on the album is the atmospheric “The Burden of Seven Billion”. The song feels very empty and bleak and with the title it’s clearly meant as a moment of self-reflection for the listener to feel the pain mankind is bringing upon this planet. However, to make sure folks with a short attention span don’t fall asleep “Mammals in Babylon” makes for a rude awakening with catchy riffs and great grooving drums.
The band itself calls “Not Suitable For Life” as one of its most intense and violent songs and that’s saying something with a band like Cattle Decapitation. What follows is a brutal song which is on very rare occasion broken up with some more melodic parts which really set a great contrast for the violence of the rest of the album.
Whereas “The Burden…”was already bleak “Ave Exitium” ups the ante more. I really love the feel of the sparingly used acoustic guitar in here as it really reminds me of the haunting Tristram track from the Diablo videogame. It gives one last moment of rest before the final annihilating track called “Pacific Grim” which serves as one final warning to change our ways.

Cattle Decapitation has been advocating its views for many years and thanks to packaging it as great songs they never start to sound like a broken record. A message alone often goes unheard, but Cattle Decapitation know how to bring their message in a way that people will listen to it, even if they’re not aware of it straight away.


  1. Manufactured Extinct
  2. The Prophets of Loss
  3. Plagueborne
  4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
  5. Circo Inhumanitas
  6. The Burden of Seven Billion
  7. Mammals in Babylon
  8. Mutual Assured Destruction
  9. Not Suitable For Life
  10. Apex Blasphemy
  11. Ave Exitium
  12. Pacific Grim

Score: 4.6 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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