Chris Appleton – Restless – Rocksector Records – Release: February 2nd 2015

Chris Appleton – Restless – Rocksector Records – Release: February 2nd 2015.

Absolva frontman Chris Appleton likes to record albums. He really would spend all of his time on tour if he could. Whenever he comes back from a tour he feels restless. That’s the main reason why he made this solo album. He recorded the album in Belgium with the help of his partner in crime Wizz Wizzard and his brother Luke.

Chris Appleton is:
Chris Appleton – guitars and vocals
Wizz Wizzard – vocals
Luke Appleton – guitars (track 4) and sequencing and orchestration (track 8)

Chris-Appleton-Restless-Cover-Web-300x300In contrast with its title the album is mainly acoustic. But Chris has managed to give us songs with many different vibes and feelings. For example, the opener “Seafarer” is heavily folk-influenced and grants us a fine contrast between the voices from Chris and Wizz. On the tracks “No Tomorrow” and Absolva’s “Only When It’s Over” Chris handles all guitars and vocals with grandeur.

Layered vocals make the intro of “How Will I Feel When You’re Gone” rather creepy. This track is a huge ball of emotion. Both brothers stroke the strings here! It proves once again you don’t need an array of instruments to make a great song. Less is more!

The lead guitar on the instrumental title track makes your jaw drop. It’s incredible what Chris does here!

After the emotional ballad “Only When It’s Over” comes my favorite track of the album. Although it’s also acoustic “I See Red” is very catchy and makes me nod my head to the rhythm! The different solos are a real treat for the ears!

You mainly just hear the sound of the voice and the acoustic guitar, but Luke introduced some keys (piano) and orchestration on “Wonders Of The World”. The vocals from Wizz are the perfect match here!

The album gets a fitting closer with a cover from Ozzy’s “Mama I’m Coming Home”.

Releasing a whole acoustic album is a risky step. But Chris has managed to write some songs that immediately grab you by the throat. He sets many different moods and that makes it easy to listen to. This is an album to listen to with a glass of wine nearby and with headphones on. It will set your mind at ease and grant the listener some peace and quiet in these turbulent times! Fans of acoustic guitar must buy this album.

Track list:

  1. Seafarer
  2. Crazyhead
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. How Will I Feel When You’re Gone
  5. Restless
  6. Only When It’s Over
  7. I See Red
  8. Wonders Of The World
  9. Mama I’m Coming Home

Score: 3,75 out of 5

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Written by Rik Bauters

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