Code – Mut – Agonia Records – Release: February 27th 2015

Code – Mut – Agonia Records – Release: February 27th 2015.

One wouldn’t recognise Code if they looked back to the first entry which was a interesting prog black metal piece of work. Funny how that happens with a lot of bands who eventually play more of a progressive post-rock/metal type of music. With the bands that I’ve heard so far it has worked out pretty well, so it’s interesting to see how Code fare.

Code is:
Aort – Guitars
Andras – Guitars
Lordt – Drums
Syhr – Bass
Wacian – Vocals

code mut“Mut” has turned out to be quite a nice atmospheric journey. The first song “On Blinding Larks” sets the tone with down-tuned rock guitars and very emotional vocals by Wacian.

While there is a constant lingering of darkness, meandering between rock and metal, the songs feel quite desolate. I wouldn’t call the instrumentation bare-bones by any measure, yet even with the very warm and clear production sound there is a certain coldness lingering in the songs.

The band also knows how to put out a very dramatic sound as evidenced by “Undertone”, which you would expect to be followed by a very heavy song. Yet CODE manage to dodge the expectation and put forth a rather dreamlike track with “Dialogue”. Yet if that was a dreamlike track then “Affliction” is most surely part of a nightmare. Wacian shows that he’s quite good at putting forth malignant vocals as well here and it’s a great oddball for the album! While it’s the highlight of the album for me that doesn’t mean that it’s easy sailing to the end as “The Bloom in the Blast” serves as one final revision of what the band has brought.

With “Mut” Code have brought us an album that is both quite accessible, yet has so many layers at the same time. Yet they haven’t made it easy on themselves. General rock listeners might be hesitant due to the heavy mood, yet they would be missing out great melodies and touching vocals. Metal fans might disregard it for being too soft, yet they would miss out on the exquisite mood and the great song writing. It might not be an easy nut to crack but I can really recommend this to anyone with love for guitars.

Track list:

  1. On Blinding Larks
  2. Undertone
  3. Dialogue
  4. Affliction
  5. Contours
  6. Inland Sea
  7. Cocoon
  8. Numb, An Author
  9. The Bloom in the Blast

Score: 4.3 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic

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