Corr Mhóna – Dair – Available Now.

Corr Mhóna – Dair – Available Now.

Formed in 2009 in West Cork.  Corr Mhóna (pronounced core vona) are an Irish metal band which consists of two pairs of brothers. Their music is a blend of different genres, with doom and death metal elements more prominent.
Corr Mhóna  sing entirely in the Irish language (Gaeilge), and use a combination of harsh and cleanly sung vocals.
After a hiatus (while some band members worked abroad), Corr Mhóna started gigging again, and began writing new material.
This material has since come to fruition, in the form of their debut album ‘Dair’.
Dair was launched on Saturday Oct 4th, 2014.

 Corr Mhona is:

Martin Farrow: Guitar, Vocals
Stephen Quinn: Bass, Vocals
Paul Quinn: Guitar, Vocals
Robert Farrow: Drums

They are inspired by many different bands and musical styles, and always attempt to combine these influences to create something new.


cmaFor me, listening to “Dair”, I imagined myself as an ancient oak tree that has withstood storms, scorching sun, rain and ice and still stands there witnessing all that has passed,  all that is now, and all that has yet to come. The music transports the listener through time and I definitely felt all that the oak tree felt and that my dear friend, is what good music is about; not ranting and raving about how cool and rebellious you are and how fast you can throw an album out, rather it is about evoking the emotions of the listener, bringing them into another world, drenching them with rain, deafening them with thunder and blinding them with lightning, tossing them around on a sea of emotion before laying them gently down in a green meadow to reflect on what they just experienced. That is what Corr Mhóna have achieved with Dair.

From the opening of strains of Toirneach to the closing with the epic 16 minute long title track “Dair” I lamented over all that is almost culturally lost to the Irish people and rejoicing that there is still hope that we can salvage what remains. The lyrics in the inlay card are written in the old Irish script style, with its gentle curves and is beautiful to behold. It reminded me of the way my father used to write before the standard English text infiltrated our way of writing and sadly it is an art form that is almost non-existent now. But, Corr Mhóna are amongst the few who are at the forefront of reviving our cultural heritage and the album is sung entirely  in the Irish language which is not an easy thing to do, but they persevered and have presented to us an album that took four years to complete and one in which they are proud to share with the world, and so they should be.

The musical talents of Corr Mhóna know no bounds, The guitar work and drums are second to none and are excellent throughout. And the vocals, oh man, the vocals had me weeping for joy, harmonies and melodies ebb and flow, soar and swoop whilst the guitars and drums undulate and echo powerfully, reflecting the lows of the valleys and the highs of the mountains. The guttural sounds that emanate periodically from the singers  represent the harshness of the landscape and the power of nature. I was transported through the mists of time back to a land of myth and legend listening to ‘Na Lamha Sa which is based on a medieval Irish poem written circa 1100 called Ro Loisice na Lámsa and is credited to Oisín, son of the legendary Fionn Mac Cumhall and a track which encompasses the talent and the intelligence not to mention the musical and lyrical maturity of the band.

“Dair” is beautifully written and it is apparent that great love and attention to detail was lavished on every note and every word contained within. If I had only one album to listen to for the rest of my life then “ Dair” would be my choice. It has everything I would ever need for musical sustenance for it contains raw emotion, passion, captures the imagination and converses with the soul. From little acorns mighty oaks grow and “Dair” is the mightiest of them all and I cannot wait to see what their next offering will be. I have no doubt that Corr Mhóna is a name that will be on everyone’s lips before long. Comhgairdeas buachaillí, tá Dair go hiontach. \m/


1. Toirneach
2. Dearcán
3. Dealg
4. Na Lamhsa Sa
5. Dall
6. Dreolín

score 5 out 5



Text: Regina Mitchell

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