Crisix – Rise… Then Rest – Apostasy Records– Out Now

Crisix – Rise… Then Rest – Apostasy Records– Out Now

Since their inception in Barcelona, Spain in 2008 Crisix have gained a lot of attention and appreciation in their home country. Their second album “Rise… Then Rest” even peaked at #63 in the album charts, yet so far the album had yet to reach outside of their borders. Luckily Apostasy Records will be giving the album a second chance by distributing it worldwide!

Crisix is:

Juli Baz – Vocals
Marc Busqué – Guitars
Albert Requena – Guitars
Dani Ramis – Bass
Javi Carrión – Drums

Rise… Then Rest
PromoImageCrisix sure know how to open up an album with a fistful of metal “In Your Fucking Face”. Aggressive thrash with a big focus on partying greets you. This is the kind of thrash that makes you grab a beer, run into the pit and bang yourself a whiplash! The album is filled with a precise rhythm section to set the pace and the guitar players work together as if they were guitar twins. On top of it are the vulture like vocals that might take some getting used to, yet they fit! The album might as well have been called “Bring ‘Em to the Pit”, which certainly fits the music better than the current title, although the title track can’t even remotely be called relaxing!

Some people will probably grin when seeing the title “Frieza the Tyrant” and yes, it is indeed about who you think it is! Starting off with a deceptively relaxing guitar part we soon dive into melodic thrash metal with a power level that’s over nine thousand. It’s one of the more standout tracks for me, even aside from its Dragonball Z inspired lyrics.
My personal favourite is “Army of Darkness”. I can already imagine the forces of evil rising up as the entire audience shouts ‘Klaatu Barada Nikto’. Bonus points for fumbling the chant just like Ash did!
Even after all the songs the band still manages to end the album filled with energy as they make you slam out your last reserves with “Waldi Gang”, which is a great send-off. Rock & roll thrash to the end and to honour the masters of booze party metal Motörhead, the band added a bonus-cover of Ace of Spades to round out the album.

Crisix might not be the most original band in the world, but they surely make up for it with skilled musicianship and a truckload of energy. Grab a beer, push play and work those neck muscles!

Track list:

  1. I.Y.F.F.
  2. Rise… Then Rest
  3. Bring ‘Em to the Pit
  4. Those Voices Shall Remain
  5. One by One
  6. Frieza the Tyrant
  7. Seven
  8. Army of Darkness
  9. Volcano Face
  10. Scars of the Wolf
  11. Waldi Gang
  12. Ace of Spaces (Motörhead cover)

Score: 4.1 out of 5

Text Robert Popovic

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