Crowbar – Symmetry in Black – Century Media – Out Now

Crowbar – Symmetry in Black – Century Media – Out Now

This year marks the 25th year since the band that was to become Crowbar released their first demo tape. Coincidentally it’s also their tenth album! Crowbar are well-known for their slow and low-tuned mix of doom metal and hardcore, having influenced a lot of younger bands with their specific sound. This album should prove that they can easily add another 25 years to the tally.


Crowbar is:

Kirk Windstein – Guitar and vocals
Matt Brunson – Guitar
Tommy Buckley – Drums
Jeff Golden – Bass

Symmetry in Black
crowbar-symmetry-in-black-300x300Crowbar have perfected their mix of doom metal and hardcore over the years. Sometimes leaning a bit more to one side or the other. Opener “Walk With Knowledge” feels like hardcore song played at doom metal speed and with doom metal tuning. Windstein’s voice manages to give off anger and anguish at the same time. On top of that they’ve managed to turn it into quite a catchy song and will easily be a mainstay for shows.

The band have made a diverse album with songs such as the more hardcore infused “The Taste of Dying”, sounding as if Pantera are playing doom metal, keeping a solid groove going on. “Amaranthine” is a real pool of tranquillity, halfway through the album. It gives your ears a rest from all the heaviness so far. The contrast with the following songs is all the greater for it. “Teach the Blind to See” has a nice hook to it, probably making it the most radio-friendly song out of the bunch. “Symbolic Suicide” shows that the band still knows where the gas pedal is, thundering drums and roaring guitars taking you along for a ride before letting go.
“The Piety of Self-Loathing” is very much a classic doom metal song, slow brooding and melodic. The great sound quality is the only thing that keeps you from thinking that this song is from the early 90s. A great way to end this beast of an album.

Crowbar have been going for 25 years and this album shows they can easily add a lot more to that. It’s brooding, it’s grooving and still manages to be quite catchy. Some people might be put off by the inclusion of some hardcore elements, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving this album a listen.

Track list:

  1. Walk With Knowledge Wisely
  2. Symmetry in White
  3. The Taste of Dying
  4. Reflection of Deceit
  5. Ageless Decay
  6. Amaranthine
  7. The Foreboding
  8. Shaman of Belief
  9. Teach the Blind to See
  10. A Wealth of Empathy
  11. Symbolic Suicide
  12. The Piety of Self-Loathing

Score: 3.8 out of 5

Text by: Robert Popovic

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