Darkology – Fated To Burn – Prime Eon Media – Release: Out Now

Darkology – Fated To Burn – Prime Eon Media – Release: Out Now.

Darkology made quite an impression in 2009, when they released their debut album “Altered Reflections” which received tons of praise around the globe and sold in very healthy quantities. The band features in its ranks the amazing Harris brothers, Michael (Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, Leather, Chastain) on guitars and Brian (Firewind, Solstice (US), My Own Victim, etc.) on drums respectively. On vocals Kelly Sundow Carpenter (Beyond Twilight, Outworld, Epysode and former touring vocalist for Firewind) is joined by bassist Mike Neal (Medieval Steel, Salems Lot, etc.). Under supervision of the legendary Chris Tsangarides they brewed a follow-up. Before the release of this album there was also the limited 2014 tour EP. Most of the tracks can be found on the new release “Fated To Burn”.

Darkology is:
Kelly Sundown Carpenter – Vocals
Michael Harris – Guiters
Mike Neal – Bass
Brian Harris – Drums


DarkologyFatedToBurnThis album kicks off with the killer riff from “Kill Me If You Can”. Michael Harris is an extraordinary guitar player who also wields the axe with Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, Leather & Chastain. Besides the superb string work the band holds another gem in the ranks. Mr. Kelly has an awesome vocal range. His high screams have been compared with the likes of Rob Halford. He acts like a real mad man here. Listen to his maniacal laughter!
“Beyond The Grave” is a slower track with some licks that remind me of early Queensrÿche. Kelly sings in a mysterious way here and sounds far more melodic. The bass line from Mike Neal is clearly present and gives this track a great groove.
I can spot some influences from N.W.O.B.H.M. acts in the riff work on the mid tempo “On Norrow’s Break”. Kelly delivers the goods again. The mixing and mastering of this album were done by the famous Chris Tsangarides and the sound is simply stunning!
The speed goes way up on the rather short “Eyes Of The Machine” and “Quantum Genocide” even holds some riffs from extreme metal genres!
A darker sound can be heard on “Shadows Of Oth”. Some of the riffs transport me back in time to the first Metal Church albums.
The title track can be described as a slow pounder! Due to the lack of speed it becomes more melodic. Even Kelly holds back on the high screams (but he includes some ear danger as well). This is a welcome change amongst all that riff-dominated stuff. “Fated To Burn” is a real tasty dish that strengthens your appetite.
The lyrics handle mostly fantasy stories. “21 Century Frankensteins – Nobot 2” can be seen as a Terminator world where machines have taken over the world. On the debut album “Altered Reflections” there was another similar story called “Nobot”.
But the song that visualizes itself before your eyes is without any doubt “Festival Of Fear”. It’s definitely a Darkology version of King Diamond. The creepy vocals from Kelly create shivers down my spine! Listen to his laughter again and you’ll hear a case of pure ‘horror’ metal!
“Holy” throws in some dirty thrash influenced riffs.
The long “The Nightmare King” is another ‘piece de resistance’. Haunting riffs and creepy spoken parts infiltrate your brain and make you bang like a maniac! Mr. ‘Sundown’ shows his real power again by granting us a wide palette of different voices! A real addictive track…
The album closes with the instrumental “Your Hollow Soul”. Of course Michael Harris can show off his many styles of playing here. But the injection of some Oriental sounds brings the mighty Michael Schenker to mind. Not a bad way to conclude an already stunning album.

Mr. Harris knows how to pen down some tracks that get stuck in the mind. His skills on the axe are impressive, but he never lets the guitar take over the song. The same thing can be said about the vocal skills from Kelly Sundown Carpenter. Fans from the first album, Harris’ guitar playing and the voice of Kelly simply have to purchase this silver disc. Lovers of quality technical US power metal should do the same. Love to hear these gems on stage…

1. Kill Me If You Can
2. Beyond The Grave
3. On Morrows Break
4. The Eyes Of The Machine
5. Quantum Genocide
6. The Shadows Of Oth
7. Fated To Burn
8. 21st Century Frankensteins (Nobot2)
9. Festival Of Fear
10. Holy
11. Nightmare King
i. Shadows Of The Abyss
ii. The Summoning
iii. The Construct
iv. Eternus Nocturne: The Dark Domain
12. Your Hollow Soul

Score: 4,25 out of 5

Darkology Official

Text by: Rik Bauters

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