Guitarist Rob Cavestany was the man who gave Death Angel life back in 1982. It took them five years to release their widely admired “The Ultra-Violence”. But in 1985 they released a demo called “Kill As One” which was produced by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. Singer Mark Osegueda left the band in 1991. The band members resurrected that same year as The Organization. Ten years later Death Angel reunited for a one time gig at the Thrash of the Titans festival. The festival was held in order to raise money for Chuck Billy’s (Testament) on going battle with his chest cancer. But the band stayed together and after a few years new albums followed. But they gained new recognition with the 2010 release “Relentless Retribution”. I did see the band live this summer at the Alcatraz festival and was looking forward on hearing some new stuff from the band. This can be heard on “The Dream Calls For Blood” 

Death Angel is:


Mark Osegueda – Vocals
Rob Cavestany – Guitars
Will Carroll – Drums
Damien Sisson – Bass
Ted Aguilar – Guitars

The-Dream-Calls-For-Blood-Death-AngelWell dear readers let me just come straight to the point. This album is a HELL of a rollercoaster ride. Normally I do my reviews on a sort track by track basis, but this silver disc asks for another approach.  The album kicks off with ominous sounding semi acoustic riffs! But thirty seconds later skull crushing riffs storm your inner ears. Oh man what an aggression can be felt from the guitars! Mark ‘Dreadlock’ Osegueda pours his viciously vocals on top of the double guitar attack and the pounding drums from Will Caroll take the aggression factor to insurmountable heights! Some of the readers already know that I am a real AOR fan and they may ask themselves what I like so much about this album? Well Ted and Rob manage to inject their playing with a high dose of melody! I just love the combination. No, I simply adore it!

All the before mentioned items I found in the opener “Left for Dead” only. The rest of the album is packed with straight in your face thrash with a capital T. I’m going to limit my review by mentioning other big and little things that caught my eye (or ear!). “Son Of The Morning” kicks off with some dark colored riffs and continues as a freight train at topspeed. The break after the first flashing solo is a fine demonstration of the unexpected twists to put in their songs. “Fallen” is actually a sequence of ultra melodic (no not ultra-violence  😉  ) fast as lightning guitar work.

When you listen carefully you can hear short parts that are truly inspired by old school Slayer and Metallica. The title track exceeds the speed limit during the verses and the staccato style riffs and vocals in the chorus create an exciting tension field. The guitar wizardry that Rob Cavestany and Ted Aquilar display is simply mind-blowing. Mark let us hear his meanest vocals on “Succubus”. His way of singing during the chorus reminds me of the mighty Zack La Rocca from that other ball of aggression Rage Against The Machine! The man would lay down mighty versions of the classics “Bomb Track” or “Killing In The Name Of”. I just love to hear him sing the famous words: “Fuck you, I won’t do what they told me —– Motherfucker”.

The whole album is filled with speedy thrash and the only time they let go off the gas is during the intro’s  “Execution” and “Territorial Instinct”. “Don’t Save Me” holds the fastest riffs of the album and I hear some snippets from Savage Grace pass by! The best melodic guitar parts can be found in the 90 seconds instrumental intro off “Detonate”. I could just listen to this a whole day. Runner up for the melodic trophy is the start off the otherwise angry “Empty”. The instrumental break even reminds me of old school (and also to the latest effort) Satan. Another top notch solo starts “Bloodlust”. The album closer is also the slowest track of the album, but it calls up a totally different mood. Because it deviates the most from the thrash metal path I like it very much and it may well be my favorite one! Needles to repeat that the guitars made me smile from ear to ear!! When the track fades out I hit the replay button again so I can ride that roller coaster again!!

First up, let me make one thing crystal clear! No, I did not get a big bag of money from the record label and/or band! I just fell in love with the combination of the licentious, orgiastic, dissolute aggression and the simultaneous sense of melody on this platter! I guarantee you when you got some things on your mind or feeling a bit down, there is one remedy: play this album! That’s what this doctor ordered! Thrash lovers will feast on this album, but I bet my life on it that a whole lot of other metal heads will dig those tunes. Even the artwork looks like the music sounds! Essential buy!!!

Score: 4,5 out of 5


  1. Left for Dead 5:31
  2. Son of the Morning 4:02
  3. Fallen 4:41
  4. The Dream Calls for Blood 4:11
  5. Succubus 4:27
  6. Execution / Don’t Save Me 4:40
  7. Caster of Shame 3:37
  8. Detonate 4:42
  9. Empty 4:58
  10. Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust 6:37


Text Rik Bauters

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