Décembre Noir – A Discouraged Believer – FDA-Rekotz– Release 09-05-2014

Décembre Noir – A Discouraged Believer – FDA-Rekotz– Release 09-05-2014

Décembre Noir was created in 2008 by Sebastian and former drummer Daniel. The debut album was slated for a 2012 release, but it’s probably due to a drummer and guitar player switch that it took longer than projected. Yet now in 2014 it is finally time for Décembre Noir to regale us with their blend of melodic death and doom metal.

Décembre Noir is:

Sebastian – Guitar
Martin – Guitar
Kevin – Drums
Lars – Vocals
Mike – Bass

A Discouraged Believer
Decembre-Noir-A-Discouraged-BelieverTaking longer to record the album certainly hasn’t impacted negatively upon it. From opener “A Discouraged Believer” Décembre Noir lay down a good mix of melodic death and doom metal. The record company is quite right in linking this band to the likes of My Dying Bride, Opeth and Katatonia, because Décembre Noir manage to fit all those influences into this album.

Precise and heavy drums, the melancholic lead guitars and Lars’ deep grunt (quite reminiscent of Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth) set a heavy laden mood for the album.

At times the pace gets broken up by segments of spoken words or a soft keyboard addition to increase the sad mood. While most of the album is slow to mid-tempo, Décembre Noir is very much able to set a higher pace as “Thorns” clearly shows in its latter half with some nice blast beating, as well as a higher tempo in the name-sake of the band “Décembre Noir”.
“The Forsaken Earth” has a very nice melodic line that carries you throughout the song with a nice slow-banging pace. The ten minute long epic “Stowaway” is a perfect example of classic doom metal; starting off with a slow beat, long sweeping riffs and slowly leaning towards a higher tempo. Fans of My Dying Bride will probably love this track the most.
My only real critique would be for the track “My Resurrection” because of the chorus. The song itself is awesome and very catchy, yet the overtly simple chorus dampens the excitement.

I wasn’t aware of this band prior to hearing this album, but they have made quite an impression. The sound quality of the album is superb, especially since it’s a debut album. The songs are addictive and catchy. Lars’ deep grunt is a pleasure to listen to and coupled with the weeping guitars set and a great mood. Definitely recommended for people who like a nice mix of melodic death metal and mid-tempo doom metal.

Track list:

  1. A Discouraged Believer
  2. Thorns
  3. The Forsaken Earth
  4. Décembre Noir
  5. Stowaway
  6. Resurrection
  7. Escape to the Sun

Score: 4.1 out of 5


 Tekst Robert Popovic

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