Devilment – The Great and Secret Show – Nuclear Blast Records – Out Now

Devilment – The Great and Secret Show – Nuclear Blast Records – Out Now

Some things scare me in life… Some music needs to be scary to enjoy myself… with Dani Filth I never know if he just plain scares me with his acts or if he is just enjoyable. As frontman of the sinister Cradle of Filth it always was quite a mix. In the beginning of their existence they blew me away with their view on black metal. Nowadays it seems Dani and his Cradle have taken a step far from whatever they used to be. Perhaps to spark his career yet again and bring some other music to the masses Dani formed a new group: Devilment. Let’s see if Dani shows a bit of his old spark.

Dani Filth – Vocals
Daniel Finch – Rhythm Guitar & Samples
Colin Parks – Lead Guitar
Nick Johnson – Bass Guitar
Aaron Boast – Drums
Lauren Francis – Keyboards & Vocals

The Great and Secret Show
devilment-the-great-and-secret-showNew style, same scene lyric wise. Devilment is still about horror and is still very theatrical. To me it sounds a bit like a weird Rob Zombie mix with Dani on vocals. And as strange as this explanation is, that is how strange Dani’s vocals are on this record. The typical squeals of Dani sound a bit weird on top of the poppie metalbeating. Music wise there is nothing wrong with this record. Some parts give that old Rammstein vibe where others dwell more toward the newer Cradle of Filth period. Some parts on the record are straight, some are a bit too much. The laughter bits of Dani are misplaced and I’m sorry to say this: some of the vocals are just not that great… I had some difficulty with writing this review. I respect Dani for the masterpieces he did with early Cradle…  Devilment just ain’t it for me.

It surely will sell ‘cause of Dani being in the band. And Cradle still has a strong group of followers. But to be honest, there are much better albums out there.. Gonna play me some old Cradle of Filth now….

Score 2,8 out 5

1             – Summer Arteries
2             – Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me
3             – Girl From Mystery Island
4             – The Stake In My Heart
5             – Living With The Fungus
6             – Mother Kali
7             – Staring At The Werewolf Corps
8             – Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero
9             – Laudanum Skull
10           – The Great And Secret Show
11           – Beds Are Burning (MIDNIGHT OIL cover) (bonustrack)
12           – Psycho Babble
13           – Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Text by Ronald van de Baan

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