Na een magistraal optreden op Into the Grave stond Dew- Scented vanavond in Kerkrade in het voorprogramma van Six Feet Under. Met een knaller van een album “Icarus” is het uiteraard tijd om een paar vraagjes aan Leif, frontman, van Dew-Scented, te stellen. Onze nieuwe aanwinst en lieftallige reporter Imke schuift ook aan om mee te babbelen!


Hi Leif, first of all congrats with the new album “Icarus”!
Leif: Thank you very much!

It ended up being a very powerful album. Is the outcome what you had in mind?
Leif: We did have a lot in mind to begin with. We just try to write good songs. To make something that represents the band in the right shape for 2012. Obviously we have a new line-up. A new songwriter. Marvin the guitarist wrote the whole album on  his own. But he has been with us before, so he knows what Dew-Scented is all about. He wanted to take it a notch further from the last record. I think it came out great. I mean the demolitionship that were symbol for the songs, is pretty awesome. I am impressed by the guys. Each of them. I really like the production. I can’t complain. Hopefully it’s the right step in the right direction.

As you mentioned before, you got new guys on board. They are from Ichaos.
Leif: yeah 3 of them. One of them not. Marvin plays with Severe Torture. He is from The Hague as well . Basically it’s 4-5th a Dutch band now!

Won’t give that any problems with getting tourdates done, because  of the other bands?
Leif: Well we have to plan better. To be honest it’s always complicated to get 5 guys on the same page. Sometimes work issues or personal agenda’s, other bands. These guys are very relaxed and very professional when it comes to their approach of music and that is all what matters. We are trying to look for dates in advance and we are not touring the whole year so it’s about picking the spots and finding the right moments. Hopefully we combine it and if something collapses, we have to take priorities.

And now you got a great tour with Six Feet Under , how is the tour going?
Leif: So far so good. The shows were pretty packed everywhere. The thing is, it’s not that easy in the summer. Because there are a lot of festivals and it’s actually super nice weather. We were a little worried about that but yesterday was like maxed out capacity. Today, we never been before inKerkrade, it’s more a small place but it looks cozy. So hopefully we are up for a very good show.

The shows often got a very good vibe here.
Leif:  That’s fine for me.

Last weekend you were in a quite bigger place in Leeuwarden on the Into The Grave festival. How did you guys experienced the show!
Leif: It was amazing. The organization was very good. The backstage area was in the city hall. That was pretty crazy. I just liked the location. I thought starting from the line-up , it was flawless. Whoever picked the bands, did a really good job.

Yeah it was a really amazing line-up.
Leif:  I like the one day one stage approach. Most of the times I am happy with 2, 3 good bands. That’s enough for me. It turns out this were good bands from the beginning till the end . Different styles and I like that. They´re off to something good. Not only because of the price and not only the line-up but also they understand how to create a good vibe with the  location and nice official party. Everyone felt pretty well as the bands are concerned.

Yeah I was really impressed to! Coming back to Dew- Scented it’s around for quite a long time now, is there a period in your career that stands out for you?
Leif: Well with getting nostalgic. The beginning was pretty romantic. A bunch of teenage dudes drinking beer, playing metal. Who would have thought 20 years later we still basically do the same things. So yeah that was an important period. It was all out of love and dedication for the music that we started a band. To be involved with the scene a bit. It was cool to see that we grew in something a little bit more, let´s not say professional because we ain’t professional, but more serious. We do this with a serious approach.

You got quite a big status.
Leif: We are happy. We are not expecting  the world. We never were. Otherwise we would maybe have done something else. A different type of music. We know this is quite extreme and not for everybody. I think the beginning was a very important period. Obviously  we had a little bit of easier time in the early 2000. The thrash metal scene was coming back. Finally because in the  90´s it was a desert land. It was really, really difficult. It was so difficult that in the beginning the people were saying “Man if you guys really want to go somewhere you really must consider your style.” There was really nothing to reconsider. We play what we like.

Leif: It took some years fighting against the trends like Black metal, gothic , whatever was more in!

Yeah like nu-metal
Leif: Nu-metal what is old metal now! Glad that has ended.

Thrash is on a revival!
Leif: Yeah that ‘s the style what always comes back. Every 6 ,7, 8 years people say well there is a new generation and there are some cool new bands. You see the old bands doing well. You see the new bands really hungry and so I think it’s been good to go on for so long. We have seen the scene change many times!

2012 seems a good year for thrash.
Leif: In  the same date as our record came out. We had a new Testament album, a new Tankard album. So that alone makes it 3 thrash records for bands who are 20 years plus.
The new Kreator album was great and the album by Warbringer was great last year, so there are a lot of great records out there!

Are there any milestones you still like to achieve with Dew-Scented?
Leif: No, to be honest. I think we already fulfilled all of our dreams. That does not mean that we are getting tired, but basically means we did a lot more then that we wanted to do. We released 9 records, toured 2, 3 continents. There are two missing, so that could be something. To be honest we are just step by step and we would like to do some things a little better. Not because they are wrong now, but we know we can improve certain things. Hopefully on it’s own it opens some new doors. That’s how we take it from record to record.

But one funny thing about al those records  is, everyone starts with an I. Why is that?
To be honest we always say a different answer to this question, to keep it interesting. We never intended to make a theme about it. When we had our first album titled. It was called Immortelle. We chose a personal title and we really would like to have something really weird for the first album. And then we didn’t break up and did a second album. We said: What would we do. We give it a title that fits with the first title and the second album was called Innoscent with a C like Dew-Scented. Basically making it ain’t no scent. Cause everybody was like questioning our name. Cause it is such a stupid name. We were not questioning it for us it was just the name of the band. No matter what it means. So all of a sudden we got two albums with an I and then we said ok maybe we should have the third one as well. Let’s think about that. And here we are 20 years later paying for our mistakes.

And now you pick members from a band called Ichaos haha.
Leif: Actually I thought about that. And perhaps we should name that our next record. Haha!
We don’t have a list going on and it ain’t a tactual issue. So I think we basically always start from scratch. When we have a new album and we don’t have a title we look into it, it does not have to be in this pattern. It could be something else as well. We going to end up with something that fits.

Imke:  So it could be the next album won’t start with an I?
Leif: Yeah that is what I say the whole time. I was somewhere hoping we would break the pattern for some point. But we always found something that works. Like when “Icarus” came for this album. I was like: Oh this really is going to be cool for a visual concept and that is going to make an good edge on some of the lyrics. Cause we were able to use some saga and some personal topic of the modernity age. So that was pretty cool. So we went for “Icarus”. When we were not going with “Icarus” maybe we would have chosen something else.

Imke: It makes it also a bit unique I think?
Leif: In a way yeah. It makes it silly as well. There are fans of ours who can’t take the albums apart anymore. It’s getting difficult,  just because the titles are somewhat similar. People go like: I like the blue album, cause they don’t really know how it is called. Ah well it is entertainment.

Now with the new album being out and you guys on the road what else is down the pipeline for Dew-Scented?
Leif: Right now it’s all playing live. Showing this new album. Presenting the new line-up. This is just the beginning. So we have a couple of shows coming. In the next month we are looking for touring options for 2013. This year I don’t think we are going to be very active anymore cause we already spend so much time with this band for just creating the album. To record it, to release and promote it. I think we are going to be looking for the right tour taking place next year. We were discussing maybe releasing a EP  next year because we have a lot  recorded. Maybe a couple of live songs. We will see about that. Right now it’s just an idea!

So right now it’s being out there and having fun as it is supposed to be.
Leif: The studio is hard work and the payback is hopefully having a good time on the road.

Besides being a musician what else keeps you busy in life ?
Leif: Everything like that keeps you busy as well. Paying the bills, working my ass of. Taking care of my cats!

Imke: How many ?
Leif: I got two.  Of course spending time with family and friends. Obviously music is a huge part of me. I am involved in all levels of the music scene. Means I spend a lot of time with music and this stuff even I am not playing myself. That also makes the double friend which you have in the social movements . That’s a part of it. I love to travel and love to be a tourist and see many places and of course that is very handy when you are in a band. It takes you around and hopefully, some places we don’t see much likeKerkradebut that is cool. But there  are other places or countries that we travel that I would not have seen myself so easily. I am looking forward to a long holiday at the end of the year. Probably going to go toSouth America, something like that.

Wow that’s sounds cool! Well I think this is about it. Is there anything you wish to share with our readers?
Leif:  We would like to thank them for their time and their interest in the band. That is always something that you should not take for granted. There are bands out there trying very hard and don’t get exposure and you are giving us exposure and you are spending your time with us. We are thankful for it. And hopefully the music will reward you for that.  Basically wherever you are and you are reading this. Hopefully we are going to play nearby and you can catch a show of one of our concerts.

 Thanks Leif!
Leif : Thank you!

Interview done by Ronald van de Baan en Imke van Rossum