Dictated – The Deceived – Metal Blade Records – Out Now

Dictated – The Deceived – Metal Blade Records – Out Now

Since 2006 Dictated has had its share of personnel changes, but the ever-present guitar duo of Sonja and Jessica was always there. Back in 2010 they self-released their first album “Summary of Retribution” and recently Metal Blade Records helped them release their second album; “The Deceived”. Sonja and Jessica managed to attract a couple of very big names in the Dutch death metal scene to help them with their new album: Henri Sattler and Michiel van der Plicht. Instead of listing all of the bands they have played in I’ll just keep it at the most (in)famous one: God Dethroned.

Dictated is:

York Keijzer – vocals
Sonja Schuringa – guitars
Jessica Otten – guitars
Henri Sattler – (session)bass
Michiel van der Plicht – (session)drums

The Deceived
Dictated-The-Deceived-coverDictated already showed their mettle with their previous works, yet the one thing that was kind of lacking was the production. Luckily this time around they have an album with a superb sound quality. It really brings forth the power of their brutal death metal.

The combination of guitars that have been tuned down a lot and Michiel’s fast-paced drumming sets up a nice wall of sound. And one could be forgiven for thinking that it might be Henri singing, but it’s actually new-comer York who spews forth quite an impressive river of bile.
In everything you hear that the people in this band are highly experienced and know how to lay down a brutal sound. However, while none of the songs are even remotely bad, none of them really stands out either. The songs are okay, yet there is a constant lingering thought that you’ve heard it before. There’s no problem to getting inspiration from other bands, but there is a point where there seems like the music has been inspired too much and lacks originality.

Again, it’s not a bad album by far and you’ll surely enjoy seeing them live. I just hope that next time around the music will be a bit more interesting, because the skills sure as hell are there.

Well-executed, brutal and it help you terrorize your neighbourhood. Unfortunately the album lacks a face of its own.

Track list:

  1. Forced Into Dismay
  2. This is to All
  3. No Absolution
  4. The Basher
  5. No Mercy For Cowards
  6. Dispossession
  7. The Deceived
  8. Stonebreakers Rising
  9. They Live, They Suffer, They Die
  10. Rail of Death

Score: 3.3 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic