Dynazty was formed in late 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Dynazty consisted of Joey Fox, bass (ex Foxey), George Egg, drums (ex Foxey), John Berg, guitar (ex Sharp) and Rob Love, guitar (Zan Clan). The band sounded great from the first rehearsal, but the final piece was missing, the singer. After doing two shows with temporary vocalists Riley Wikked and Swan (Blackrain) the search for a full time singer started. The band put out an ad on MySpace, and Nils Molin, a completely unknown singer from the small town Kilafors, Sweden, replied. It took one rehearsal for the guys to realize that this was to be the final line-up.
Recording an album was top priority, and in September 2008 the band entered the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, together with producer Chris Laney. The result was the album “Bring The Thunder”.
In 2010, Dynazty signed with StormVox Records. An album “Knock You Down” was recorded in Los Angeles in January/February 2011. Since then, the band has performed in the Swedish TV-show Melodifestivalen for 3.7 million viewers.
Dynazty signed with SoFo Records in the fall 2011.

Dynazty is:

• Rob Love Magnusson – guitars
• Georg Härnsten Egg – drums
• Nils Molin – vocals
• Joel Fox Appelgren – bass
• Mike Lavér – guitars



Mr. Egg firmly hits the skins and both axe men Rob and Mike attack their six string in an aggressive way on the opener “Come Alive”. When Nils vocals drop in, the song becomes perfect! He has again gained some power in the voice. The song immediately grabs you. The solo’s are a real treat for the ears. So, this albums starts with a bang! “Raise Your Hands” kicks off with massive chants! This arena rocker will certainly get the party started on several gigs the band will have in the future. It’s all about having a good time and that’s exactly what you experience when you hear this track. The following “ The Land Of Broken Dreams” could be heard and seen before the release of the album. This more commercial sounding track is the perfect sing-along tune and is catchy as hell. They participate with this song on the selection for the Swedish TV-show Melodifestivalen. “Falling” is the first ballad. Nils is the real star here. His vocal range is impressive! One moment he sounds very melodic but the next he’s like Sebastian Bach when he went wild in his youth! When he hits the high notes, he does it with an incredible power! We’re being attacked by a guitar wall in the beginning of “More Than A Man”. The heavy riffs sound like an early Motley Crue on speed. The radio friendly chorus forms that essential contrast in the song. “Love Junkie” knows a more sleazy vibe with some truly furious guitars. The song gets stuck in your head and transforms you into a ‘Dynazty junkie’. Joel’s bass gets more room in the slower paced “The One To Blame”. The song let’s you catch your breath after the previous power explosions! But Nils always shines with his vocal aerobics! A dose of romance is delivered with the second ballad “Back Again”. Semi acoustic guitars and keys in the background brings you in the mood for slow dancing. The party gets to its climax during the heavy rocker “Bastards Of Rock & Roll”. Powerful harmonies on top off Nils vocal chords top it all! The solo has a high sleaze factor. When this track blows through your speakers you just can’t sit down and you start jumping, banging and shouting to the beat. The title track closes this awesome album and it’s a real pounder! This final statement shows again the power of this band. Great vocals and outstanding riff work, backed up by a solid rhythm section. This all is served with a dressing of fun and an 80’s feel!


The Swedish youngsters put out an awesome album! I’m a fan since I saw them in Belgium on tour with The Poodles! On that night Samuel from The Poodles was ill and they cancelled the show, but Dynazty played their whole debut album as a bonus and they kicked major ass! The band combines the likes of Motley Crue and other 80’s giants with awesome axe work and a singer who could be the next Sebastian Bach. Yes girls he’s got the looks and the voice! The album is a party from start to finish and it’s gonna stay a long time in my car stereo!


1. Come Alive
2. Raise Your hands
3. Land Of Broken Dreams
4. Falling
5. More Than A Man
6. Love Junkie
7. The One To Blame
8. Back Again
9. Bastards Of Rock & Roll
10. Sultans Of Sin

Score: 4.25 out of 5



Geschreven door Rik Bauters

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