Enslaved – In Times – Nuclear Blast Records – Release: March 6th 2015

Enslaved – In Times – Nuclear Blast Records – Release: March 6th 2015.

If one band stands for experimentation and progression, it is Enslaved. These Norwegian metallers started out as a pure black metal act in the early nineties. They stood at the birth of what is called post black metal. Post metal they became without stabbing their black roots in the back. Enslaved showed the metal world progress and evolution isn’t a bad thing. Their previous effort “Rittir” was one of the finest metal releases in ages.  Let’s hear if “In Times” can continue the experimental journey Enslaved made so far.

Enslaved is:
Ivar Bjørnson
Grutle Kjellson
Ice Dale
Herbrand Larsen
Cato Bekkevold

In times
Enslaved-In-TimesThe band kicks off straight from their roots. A nice black aggressive song pounds out the speakers. With this opening song “Thurisaz Dreaming” Enslaved point out they did not lose any of their aggressive nature. Sure the ‘new’ elements are still woven in. Enslaved continuously reinvent themselves and that’s what makes this band stand out! Where others get lost in experimenting, Enslaved find the right dark spot to make sure we metal lovers get the best epic ride.

The vocals on this record really stand out. It does not matter if you take the spine-chilling grunts or the smooth clean vocals. They are all spot on and harmonized in a perfect way.  I really hate it when bands try to sing clean, and all the listeners get are false notes. Luckily Enslaved are fine Norwegian craftsmen and know their skills and strength. The vocals are fucking stellar!

“In Times” has a slightly more aggressive approach then “Rittir”. More room for banging this time around. No need to worry for the more atmospheric lovers. Enslaved pulled enough out of their prog rock pool to give the prog-lovers a big boner!

One song I instantly fell in love with on this album is “Building with Fire”. This song has all the power that Enslaved has in their writing skills. It has a nice midtempo rawness with a nice harmony between the clean and grunt vocal. It’s a great progrock song with some outlashes to deep dark metal.

It does not matter which part you listen to on this record. The song structures and the production never become dull and with that said, Enslaved made the high expectations more than true.

“In Times” is the thirteenth effort from Enslaved. This one does not have bad luck written on it. By far this is their most aggressive experimental one. Enslaved have outdone themselves again. Hail the masters of post metal.

  1. Thurisaz Dreaming
  2. Building With Fire
  3. One Thousand Years Of Rain
  4. Nauthir Bleeding
  5. In Times
  6. Daylight

Score 4.8 out 5


Text by: Ronald van de Baan


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