Entrails – Obliteration – Metalblade Records – Release: 15-05-2015

Entrails – Obliteration – Metalbladerecords – Release: 15-05-2015.

The insane, yet creative Swedish bastards are back. In the nineties Entrails forgot to deliver us a great debut album. They put the demos in the fridge and 20plus years later they thought;  “Fuck where is the good death metal?”. With lacking the old school riffs and heavy old school sound they love so much, they decided to put new life in Entrails. What followed was one of the finest and best comebacks in the death metal scene. “Obliteration” is their latest effort and it’s a mighty one!

Entrails is:
Jimmy Lundqvist,
Pontus “Penki” Samuelsson
Jocke Svensson
Adde Mitroulis

download (13)Like every old school record this one contains an eerie intro to welcome us into the death rollercoaster we are about to experience.
Of course we all know Entrails are horror fanatics. Of course there’s enough gore on this record, yet they decided to open with an honest hatred against Christianity on “Obliteration”.

“No Cross Left Unturned” shows a lovely hatred and viciousness against Christianity. Yes, it’s a very milked out concept, but there are still churches left. So to me the theme in this song is still relevant. Music wise it brings us a bit of a more mature Entrails. The production became a tad better than their previous effort.  Oh mighty Entrails worshippers, don’t be afraid;  Their sound is still one of the dirtiest and heaviest I have heard.

When I had a little chat last month at Eggbangers Ball festival with the guys, Jimmy told me all the riffs on this record are new.  “It isn’t hard to maintain the sound. It’s hard to find a new path to use it“. Entrails hit the nail in the coffin with “Obliteration”. To me this record is what death metal is about. It’s brutally heavy with enough melodic parts to get the groove going. Damn, these guys know how to bring that eerie nasty vibe called Old School Death Metal \m/

They accomplished writing really heavy classicks this time around. Where some bands hit the automatic pilot button, Entrails found some brutal riffs to pleasure us with. “Obliteration” holds the perfect balance between aggressiveness and melodic riffing. It’s not only the instrumental parts which will make you drool and bang the shit out of “Obliteration”. Front man Jocke deserves a fucking medal for his gnarling contribution to “Obliteration”. His growls really give that little extra to this record.

I was looking forward to this album and to be honest: these Swedish bastards did not disappoint.
“Obliteration” is the new classic old school death metal lovers have been waiting for.

Score 4,8 out 5

Tracklist :

  1. No Cross Left Unturned
  2. Epitome Of Death
  3. Beyond The Flesh
  4. The Grotesque
  5. Obliterate
  6. Skulls
  7. Midnight Coffin
  8. Bonestorm
  9. Abyss Of Corpses
  10. Re-Animation Of The Dead


Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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