Evergrey, My Propane, Mother of Sin – Podium Gigant Apeldoorn, 07-12-2014

Evergrey, My Propane, Mother of Sin – Podium Gigant, 07-12-2014

A couple of lads wanted to bring more metal to the town of Apeldoorn, so in collaboration with the local venue they set up a new concept: ‘Dark Matter’. Tonight is the first edition and the main act is most certainly a very heavy catch: Evergrey!

Mother of Sin - Podium Gigant ApeldoornIt’s a Sunday evening so when it’s time for Mother of Sin to start the venue’s not that full yet. It’s kind of expected, yet the hope is that there will be more people coming in.
Music from the early twentieth century starts playing, seemingly played through an old record player. As soon as it finishes the band jumps in! Pumping heavy metal in the vein of German heavy metal with hints of the Italian school. Quickly though, the band switches to a more AOR-oriented sound. For a three man band they really know how to bring a very full sound with them, although the drums are pretty loud in the sound mix, so they carry a lot of the sound. By the time they finish the venue’s already halfway filled.

My PROPANE - Podium Gigant  ApeldoornNext up is My Propane. Instead of a tape-played intro a lonely guitar solo gives the audience a long and impressive welcome before the full band explodes onto the stage. We get a very heavy and melodic mix of metal with a very modern sound. This isn’t really easy to digest for most people, yet I found that I enjoyed the band a whole lot more than I did last time.

The sound’s pretty loud, yet also quite clear. It’s hard to say which band member really steals the show, but I have to give props to the singer’s very impressive and powerful voice. The music itself is catchy, yet there are a lot of grooves as well and overall the music is pretty deep.
The venue’s really full now, right in time for the main act.

EVERGREY- GIGANT Apeldoorn - NetherlandsThis is the band people have come for, from all over the place: Evergrey.
The band is off to a phenomenal beginning with the intro and “King of Errors” from the most recent album. Fans are instantly singing along with the song! Lost son Danhage gets a nice spotlight early on with his magnificent guitar skills. During the show Tom fires up the crowd by having them think it’s Friday instead of a Sunday. His voice really sounds perfect tonight.
The entire sound is nearly perfect, just the keyboards are a bit overwhelmed by the rest of the band now and then.Luckily the band is in a very good mood and they’re having a lot of fun on stage. There are a lot of classics from just about every album and even the new songs are welcomed with open arms.There’s even a lot of space for the ballads and the classic “I’m Sorry” is sung along by a lot of fans. Pure beauty! Tonight is a magical evening with a very long set, spanning just about two hours. When the band finishes they promise to do signings as well as graciously accept beers.

The first edition of ‘Dark Matter’ is a huge success and here’s to hoping for a lot of other successful shows!

Text by Robert Popovic
Photo’s By Ronald van de Baan

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