Evil Masquerade was founded in the summer of 2003 by Swedish guitarist Henrik Flyman. The debutalbum “Welcome To The Show” saw the light of day in 2004 and Henrik Brockman (ex-Royal Hunt) handled the vocals on it. With the third album “Third Act” the mighty Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind) joined the band. Almost every album was released by a different label and so Henrik decided to release this fifth album by himself. Let’s find out what this disc has to offer!


Evil Masquerade  is:

Thor Jeppesen – bass
Apollo Papathanasio – vocals
Henrik Flyman – guitar
Arthur Meinild – keyboard
Dennis Buhl – drums


The title track kicks of the album in a traditional metal style. The power voice from Apollo immediately comes in the picture. His voice has elements from the mighty Dio and even a touch of Shmoulik Avigal (singer on “Diamond Dreamer” from Picture). The organsounds injects the song with a dose of Rainbow and the guitars from Henrik are a real treat for the ears! The first single “A Silhouette” is even darker, but has a slower pace. You can hear real pounding drums on this one. Apollo sings with a mean undertone and the chorus sounds more commercial. “Perfect Disgrace” has that typical Rainbow feel and Apollo plays with some voice effects. During the splendid guitar solo you definitely can here the influence from Mr. Blackmore. More traditional metal comes our way in “The Spirits Of The Dead”. The keys in the background give it a nice ring to the track. Apollo demonstrates here the true power in his voice. The guitars that open “Moonlight Fantasy” are extremely catchy and the track goes further as a groovy song. In “Unholy Water” the bass is king of the game. The song sounds less dark and is a bit more commercial, but it’s still as addictive as the others! Apollo is the main player in “Pray For Mercy On Our Souls”. “Soultaker” is a slower track, where the spirit from Dio-era Rainbow is clearly present. Apollo could be a relative from the passed away Ronnie James! “On A Bed Of Thorns” slowly transforms from a pounding metal track to an early Black Sabbath monster. Just listen to the blistering end! The short and calm “Strangers Might Fool Ya’” takes us back to the Middle Ages. With the typical ‘ancient’ instruments, it is a total cool down moment in the album. But as you might expected all hell breaks loose during “When The Fire Dies”. This track has an unbelievable drive and during the instrumental break Henrik tortures his sixstring in a wonderful way. What a way to close an album!!

This album from Henrik Flyman’s Evil Masquerade introduces a change in style! He’s choosing the path of less is more. “Pentagram” shows less orchestration and a more ‘simpler’ sound. But I must say that I like it very much! Besides that the album is a real grower. The more you listen to it, the better it gets! Henrik’s guitar playing is outstanding and of course the voice from Apollo is out of this world. Grab of a copy of “Pentagram” and you won’t be disappointed!

Score: 4 out of 5


  1. Pentagram
  2. A Silhouette
  3. Perfect Disgrace
  4. The Spirits Of The Dead
  5. Moonlight Fantasy
  6. Unholy Water
  7. Pray For Mercy On Our Souls
  8. Soul Taker
  9. On A Bed Of Thorns
  10. Strangers Might Fool Ya’
  11. When The Fire Dies
  12. The Golden Ratio




Written by Rik bauters

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