Last year I was very impressed with the debut album “Descent To The Underworld” from Raven Lord. The shredding from Joe Stump and the unbelievable vocals from

Csaba Zvekan made me dizzy! I was surprised to read that the dynamic duo had started a new band called Exorcism. They got the help from Lucio Manca on bass from Raven Lord and Garry King (Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Beck) took drum duty on they started to record songs. Now the debut “I Am God” is already out on Goldencore Records.


Exorcism is:

Csaba Zvekan – vocals (Raven Lord, Zvekan, ex Killing Machine)
Joe “Shredlord” Stump – guitars (Raven Lord, Holy Hell, Reign of Terror)
Lucio Manca – bass (Raven Lord, Solid Vision)
Garry King – drums (Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Beck, Achillea)

download (1)From the first sounds there is no doubt that this a doom metal release! Heavy as hell riffs, a deep bass and the power throat from Csaba are the main ingredients of this dark colored dish! The squeaking guitar sounds and the shredding solo spots from Mr. Stump are the ultimate appetizers for the lovers of this genre! The title track holds some references to the early Black Sabbath releases! This slower paced track holds some remarkable drumming from Garry King. Exorcism brings doom metal to this new millennium!The voice from Zvekan fits like a glove around this really heavy guitar driven music. Just lend your ears to the opening riff from “Voodoo Jesus” and you’ll catch my drift! Holy crap Joe tortures his six string like no other! But the somewhat funky sounding bass from Lucio also adds a great debt to the sound. If you ask yourself why Joe’s nickname is ‘shredlord’, you just have to listen to the solo in this track!

“Last Rock’N Roll” combines some early Dio riffs with those lovely squeaking guitars with power vocals from Csaba! Again – to my delight – the bass in strongly present in the sound! Every track on this album is an instant like for me! The songs combine heaviness with superb vocals, strong bass audibility and precise drumming. The shredding from Joe never becomes overwhelming but every time makes me smile from ear to ear! The riffs are always extremely catchy and the opener from “Exorcism” is an excellent example of such catchiness! Csaba sings with a huge range on this track. From melodic vocal lines to high screams can be heard! Must of the people will think of Joe as a strongly Yngwie Malmsteen inspired guitar slinger, but he surely can handle others genres. Just listen to the sludge sounds in the fast “Higher” and you’ll be amazed! They surprised me even more with the incorporation of some keyboard lines in “Stay In Hell”. This track has a more conventional and slightly more commercial sound. But knowing that Csaba has also a weak spot for melodic rock, I bet he is responsible for this injection! The solo brings the mighty Iommi in mind!

People like me with a sweet tooth, ache for the dessert! Well “Zero G” is an outstanding dessert people and they did save the best for last. What a killer track and it could well be described as the new version of “Children of The Grave”. Outstanding riffing, powerful vocals, superb rhythm section and a true shredding but melodic solo! Let me hit that replay button!

Csaba and Joe have written an album that breathes power and heaviness! All tracks are killers and bombard us with the ultimate doom sound. I kicked myself to the head several times already, for the fact that I let this album lay on the pile for almost 2 months! This is the shit, people! People who are into early Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Trouble and similar bands just have to listen to this one and will be blown away just like I was!

Track list:

1.      End Of Days              
2.      I Am God                   
3.      Voodoo Jesus             
4.      Last Rock’N Roll       
5.      Master Of Evil            
6.      Exorcism                    
7.      Higher                                    
8.      Stay In Hell                
9.      Fade The Day                        
10.   Zero G                                  

Score: 4,5 out of 5



Written by Rik Bauters