Exorcism – World In Sin – Dream Records – Out Now

Exorcism – World In Sin – Dream Records – Out Now.

ExorcismWorldInSinThe debut album “I Am God” blew me away last year. This EP (limited to 666 copies) lies completely in the same vein. So you’re in for a treat again. Dark colored metal with doomy riffs and the incredible voice of Csaba. Just listen to the title track and you will be convinced. Mr. Zvekan’s voice has many similarities with the mighty Dio.
Although Csaba has an enormously powerful voice with a deep tone he still manages to grant us lots of melodic vibes. Listen to the chorus on the pitch-black “Black Day In Paradise”.
We shift into a higher gear with “Virtual Freedom”. The howling guitars from Joe Stump and the pumping bass from Lucio Manca make this another musical piece of candy.
Maestro Mistheria has his moment during the long instrumental ending from “Sahara”. His delightful keytar-solo delivers some fireworks here. The shredelicious solo from Joe goes on until the end of the song.
The spirit of Mr. Blackmore is clearly present during the guitar intro of the long “Black Star”. Dark guitar sounds, powerful vocals and glorious bass with a pounding drum is the recipe of this tasty dish! This is how doomy metal must sound like, people!
A monstrous EP this “World In Sin”! The perfect blend of the early Black Sabbath, hugely Dio-inspired vocals and killer guitars! A perfect recipe for every metalhead!

Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Rik Bauters

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