Gian – All Life Erased – Inverse Records – Out Now

Gian – All Life Erased – Inverse Records – Out Now.

gian_cover2255pixIt took the band quite a while to get here. After releasing four demos between 2005 and 2009 the band was plagued with trouble and nearly put to rest for good. Luckily the band managed to get their arses back into gear and now the band is finally releasing their first album.
It has turned out to be a very catchy mix of melodic death metal and thrash, with some songs swinging more to one side or the other. It’s easy to hear that the band has amassed quite some experience over the years, because the songs are well-written and executed as befitting a band that’s been around for almost ten years.

It might not be an earth-shattering new album, but it’s most certainly a nice piece of work to keep your neck muscles working. Oft-times aggressive like the old ‘80s thrash metal and sometimes quite heavy like the modern melodic death metal this album is pretty reminiscent of thrash metal from the US and Canada. I can heartily recommend this to anyone that enjoys some heavier metal, yet isn’t really ready for the extreme stuff. This band will easily guide you there.

Score: 3.9 out of 5


Text: Robert Popovic

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