Gloryful – Ocean blade – Massacre Records – Out Now

Gloryful – Ocean blade – Massacre Records – Out Now

Gloryful is a heavy metal band from Germany. They are about to release their second full-length “Ocean Blade”. These heavy – metallists have already gained some good popularity while sharing stages with names such as: Grand Magus, Axxis, Queensryche and many others. Their first record already was a treat for Heavy Metal Enthusiast; let’s see what number two will bring us.

Gloryful is

Johnny La Bomba – Lead Vocals, 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Jens “Shredmaster JB” Basten – Lead And Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Vittorio Papotto – Lead And Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Daniel Perl – Bass, Backing Vocals
Hartmut Stoof – Drums


Ocean Blade: 

Gloryful-OceanBlade-Frontcover-RGB-121x120mm-300dpi-1024x1015After the intro the band starts out with some good old school riffing. Really like the guitar tones. The guitar work is just sublime. Love how clear every solo blasts out of the speakers. The vocals are not really my taste. I love the high pitched vocals, they are sublime, yet somehow the mix with backing vocals doesn’t feel right.

The structure of the songs are pure old school heavy metal. Prepare yourself for some bombastic bassing, thundering drums and howling guitars. Still though, the record somehow does not immediately grab me by my throat. Don’t get me wrong, I love these kinda records. Yet somehow there is some spice missing in the mix… Just a pinch of salt to make it even tastier than these songs already are.

For Heavy Metal enthusiasts this might be pure gold and a ticket back to the good old days of hail and glory. I love the bit of “cheesy” heavy metal solos on this record. Next time just add a little snuff of power to it and it would have made my end of the year list.

Score  3,8 out 5


01. Hiring The Dead
02. El Mare, E Libertad
03. Ocean Blade
04. The Master’s Hands
05. Cradle Of Heroes
06. Black Legacy
07. All Men To The Arms
08. McGuerkin On The Bridge
09. Siren Song
10. Ocean Legacy



Text Ronald van de Baan

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