Hammerfall, Orden Ogan, Serious Black – 013 Tilburg, January 19th, 2015

Hammerfall, Orden Ogan, Serious Black – 013 Tilburg, January 19th 2015.

Hammerfall, the warriors of power metal returned last year with a mighty new record full of fierce songs. It sounded like they had returned to the early days of their career, which all was might and fury! Today they play in Tilburg in the Netherlands to give the Dutch warriors an epic night full of fisting and chanting along. Hail Hammerfall.

20150119_MK_Serious Black00003But first it’s time for some mediocre metal from Serious Black. The act with (former) members of Blind Guardian, Edenbridge and Dreamscape.  You would assume that with such a line-up nothing can go wrong.  Too bad it wasn’t as tight as I expected. Sure, they played their tunes pitch-perfect and some in the audience really went along with their cheesy power metal, but for me it just did not cut it.

20150119_MK_Orden Ogan00001Orden Ogan was next in line to bring us their highly addictive German power metal. With their cheesy outfits they bring us some more power than the previous act. The stage presence is perhaps a tad less then Serious Black. The music though, is more amusing. Good set from these sympathetic Germans and a nice warm up for the kings of power metal:  Hammerfall.

20150119_MK_Hammerfal00014After a nice intro the warriors get on stage and the show is a go. The sound is terrible, but thank god that the sound guy wakes up after two songs and it’s time to really get into this show. Hammerfall has been around since the late nineties and that they made timeless music is shown tonight. With a lot of joy and enthusiasm they bring the audience many happy returns from their golden oldie debut from back in 1997. The most fun part is that a killer song like “Bushido” from their latest release effortless blends in with such classics as “Renegade”, “Glory to the Brave” and many other powerful gems. Former guitar player Stefan Elmgren is taking over the bass duties from Fredrik Larsson, who is on parental leave! Stefan showed that besides great guitar skills he has no trouble handling the bass as well. 20150119_MK_Hammerfal00016Stefan of course got room to show his guitar skills in a kickass instrumental intermezzo midway the show. Even though the show was not sold out last night, it was packed enough to get loads of fists raised in the air during most time of the show. Joacim Cans is still the biggest star on stage with Hammerfall for me. His vocals were yet again just stellar and for me he’s still one of the best out there.

Hammerfall went back to their roots, not only with their latest release. The show tonight was one big wink to the golden nineties and showed us that Hammerfall are still going strong!

Report: Ronald van de Baan
Photographer: Marcel Klaster

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