Hypocrisy – End of Disclore – Nuclear Blast records – Out 22 March!

Hypocrisy – End of Disclore – Nuclear Blast records –  out 22 March!

Since 1992 Hypocrisy is treaten the death metal fans all over the world with great passionate death metal. Roaring Grunts, Melodic yet technical riffs with a powerfull rhythm section is what made this band one of the best out of the death scene. Let’s see what “End of Disclosure” brings us!

Hypocrisy is:

Peter Tägtgren  |  vocals, guitars
Mikael Hedlund  |  bass
Reidar „Horgh“ Horghagen  |  drums


 End of Disclosure

Hypocrisy decided to start of with a softer approach that they’re known from. Nice midtempo with an orchestra approach, the song kicks out of the speaker. The guitarwork is sublime. The melodic guitar riffs are still as sharp as ever. The rhythm section got a kind of hypnotic vibe. “End of Disclosure” is a killer way to open this album.

“Tales of of Thy Spineless” fades away from the slower pace the previous song had. Nice heavy approach with some nice technical riff drowned in a bit of black metal sauce! The growls are superb. Nice how easily you catch the lyrics even though the grunt is nasty as hell! Midway the song got some nice tempo switch. Damn killer headbang track!  You just have to love the power in this song!

With “The Eye” Hypocrisy lowers the speed a bit again! It seems they softened their approach. There are some nice breaks in this song. Nasty lyrics which I bet will be nice to grunt along at the live-shows!

“United we Fall” starts with an epic intro with nice ancient vibe!, and then roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh the song kicks in hard. Full uptempo blasts with the typical technical riffs we are used from hypocrisy! The Bass riff midway is one to drool on!

“44 Double Zero” is one of my less favorite tracks from this album. The song structure is nice but the sample parts aren’t my cup of tea. Still a great track but a bit more power would have been appreciated!

“Hell is where I Stay” says it all. A nice heavy intro makes a nice build up for the storm. This songs screams banging. Really dig the dark heavy vibe on this one! Even though the riff ain’t that spectacular, it really grips your throat and sucks you into a great dark state of mind!

“Soldier of Fortune” starts on a melodic mid-tempo pace. Don’t get fooled. The structure of this song gets really groovier on it’s way!

“When Death Calls”  got the old anger again Hypocrisy is known for. Pure melodic death with enoughFloridabased death metal within to win all death metal lovers over! Fucking mosher and a good insurance needed to blast this one at home !

With “The Return” Hypocrisy gives a nice final blast on this album. The choice again for a midtempo approach with enough layers in their sound to get my panties wet! Great easy vibe to end this masterpiece of an album!

Damn Hypocrisy does it again. They might differ a bit in sound. But damn, I wish every band could keep it as fresh (brutal) as Hypocrisy does on “End of Disclosure”

Score:  4 out 5


  1. End Of Disclosure 4:46
  2. Tales Of Thy Spineless 4:36
  3. The Eye 5:41
  4. United We Fall 4:50
  5. Double Zero 4:27
  6. Hell Is Where I Stay 4:34
  7. Soldier Of Fortune 4:51
  8. When Death Calls



Text: Ronald van de Baan

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