Incubate Friday @ 013 Tilburg.

After a to long drive… FUCK YOU traffic jam, I came much too late but yet in time for Gehenna  at the 013 for this years blackmetal part of Incubate. Before telling you guys a bit about Gehenna, I will start rambling first about Incubate. Most metalheads will not know this festival. This festival is every year inTilburgfor a week and the bands are spread all over town. This year they got a hell of a black metal line-up at the killer venue 013 on Friday. When I finally ended up at the venue I noticed that it was very crowded. It’s nice to see that an underground scene like black metal can fill up a big location like 013.

But back to the bands. As said just in time to join the fellow photographers in the pit to witness the performance of Gehenna. The  band kicks of in a very doom sinister way! Killer riffing and some great melodic parts before the blasting kicks in. I must say that Gehenna quite impressed me tonight. The band got a good vibe and showed that they are good enough to own the stage!

After the symphonic black metal set of Gehenna it’s time for the more underground blasting from Funeral Winds. The  Dutch band calls themselves black metal cult and to be honest. They really deliver it. Their style reminds me a bit of old Venom, Bathory and yes there is the  love for Satan of course. Enough Luciferian stuff onstage and they really deliver some raw pure evil black metal. I enjoyed this show very much and a good way to warm up for Mayhem.

Now it’s time for one of the headlining acts of today. Mayhem is ready to crush the mainstage. The pigheads and deadcrows are put on the stage. With all the banners, crosses and all the other satanic weird stuff we know we are in for some real treat. To be honest. Mayhem got some decent songs, but they got more credit for their history. Well enough blasphemy from about Mayhem. Tonight most members in the band showed some good passion. Atilla is a great performer. With his theatrical stuff, he’s giving Mayhem that little bit of extra. Swingin a slipknot,  licking a skull.  Nothing is to weird for this great performer. He looks very maniacal at times. Love it.  Of course Freezing Moon is the highlight of their set and a good ending from a good hour of crushing Mayhem!

Up next it’s time for some German black metal.  Chaos Invocation.  The room is filled with the scent of insence. The atmosphere is groomy and dark.. Damn those guys know how to set a nasty vibe. Musically wise they went to the extreme and a must for lovers of extreme black metal. Blasting set. This is how black metal is supposed to be.

Immortal is the last band for me to enjoy this night. This Norwegian threesome are without a doubt on of the best what Norwegian metal has to bring. The difference with bands like Mayhem is that they got a sense of humor into their act. The crabwalk for instance is always big fun to witness. The audience got treated to a full blast show. The lightning is great and the pyroblasts are getting the audience really into the dark set of Immortal. The sound is optimal this night. Only letdown on this show is the amount of fog. Sometimes there is so much fog you can’t even see the band onstage. Ah well the killer songs makes it all good

I really hope Incubate will keep doing this kinda nights on their festival.  It was with no doubt one hell of a night. I’m looking forward to more of this metal themed nights during the Incubate festival.

Text and photo’s :Ronald van de Baan

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