Het Duitse  Dust  Bolt heeft  mij aangenaam verrast met hun onlangs verschenen thrasher Violent Demolition.  De mannen staan binnenkort ook nog eens op Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Hoogtijd dus om  met Lenny  ( guitar/vocals)  een paar vragen via mail te stellen.


Photo By Severin Schweiger

Hi Lenny , can you introduce Dust Bolt to our readers?
Hi Ronald, Dust Bolt is a young thrash metal band from the south ofGermanyformed in 2006. We just started playing music together when we were 13 years old or something and covered songs until it became serious over the years and we started writing our own stuff. We were very ambitious and we practiced and played live a lot in the past until we recorded our first demo tape in 2010. Since then we went on tour and played many shows with known bands and now we recorded our debut album ‘Violent Demolition’ which is distributed now by Napalm Records.

As you said he band delivered the record “Violent Demolition” through Napalm Records,  how is the record received so far?
Very very good! We didn´t expect so much feedback and interest by the media actually, it is just great! We have positive feedback and reviews from all over the world and people really seem to like the album which makes us really happy!

Dust Bolt makes typical Bay Area thrash and gave me the eighties vibe , from where came the passion to make this kind of music?
When we all started listening to metal we immediately became addicted to the old school sound and the early thrash metal bands. I think you just can´t compare the energy of this music with anything else, that´s what caught us maybe. The riffs, the songwriting and the aggression is what we just love. Actually there wasn´t a point where we decided to play this style of music, it just happened and everyone felt that this is our thing and what we want to do!

Which bands have been an influence for Dust Bolt?
Oh  there are many..of course every band member  has its own favourites but for me personally The Bay Area thrash and Kreator are the most important ones. But I think that we´re also a bit influenced by some death metal bands like e.g Death, Pestilence or Possessed. Chuck Schuldiner is a big role model for me concerning his guitar work and songwriting!

How did you guys got signed with Napalm Records?
Well, some things just happen 😉 After we had recorded Violent Demolition in 2011 it was our very next aim and step for Dust Bolt to find a good label to distribute the album. When we started having contact  with Napalm Records we immediately realized that this is the right label to work with for this album!

To be honest, when I heard you guys where a German thrash band I thought  Dust Bolt would be another teutonic Thrash band like Kreator. Is this something you hear more often?
Yeah some people sometimes say that there is a connection to Kreator , which is true! Kreator is maybe my favourite band and I love their level of raw aggression which you can hear on Violent Demolition too I think. But it´s time for some new young followers that bring new spirit and energy into thrash, with the knowledge of the old bands but with other circumstances and a new age. That´s where I see Dust Bolt.

Photo By Severin Schweiger

What is the next milestone you wish to achieve with Dust Bolt?
There are many! J We want to achieve everything that´s possible in the future 😉  But more precise said, we´re doing many shows and are planning a tour for 2013, before we enter the studio again to record our 2nd album and play as many festivals as possible next summer!

For the people who are dying to wait to see the band live, is there going to be a Dutch show in the near future ?
Yes there is! We´re playing at Eindhoven Metal Meeting on 14./15. December this year! Just come out , enjoy the show and let´s have some aftershow beer together!

Thanks for your time,  is there something you wish to share?
Thanks to all the readers, keep thrashin’ and we´ll meet at one of our shows soon hopefully!

Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan


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