Interview met Ron ” Bumblefoot ” Thal

Guns N’ Roses komt 4 Juni naar Ahoy Rotterdam. Hoog tijd dus om weer eens bij te praten met Lead guitarist: Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal , over onder meer de aankomende tour en zijn solo projecten naast Guns N’ Roses!


 1.      Hi Ron, you are about to play with Guns in Russia!
          Are you prepared to set foot in Europe again?

Ron: NO!  Haha, seriously.  I never feel ready, and I always feel like I’m leaving home with so many untied loose ends…   but once I’m on the road it all changes and my purpose is simple and defined, to play.   It’s the transitions from one world to the other that are difficult.

2.      It’s been quite heavy since you had an car incident last year , how are you doing at this moment?

Ron: Pain has become the center of my Universe, and everything else revolves around it.  It’s a whole new existence.  Pretty fuckin’ metal.

3.      You will be on the road for the next 3 months with GNR , what can we expect this time around from the shows?

Ron: If I knew what to expect, it wouldn’t be GNR.

4.      “ Father” and “Invisible” are some of the songs you’ve released last year , what else can we expect from you solo?

Ron: Been so busy with producing, and with GNR touring, I don’t know…….   I always say ‘This time I’m gonna write during the tour’ but it’s never happened.  I need to step away from it all to get my creative batteries charged…

5.      Invisible got two amazing videos out there , can  we expect more of that coming in the future?

Ron: Yes, but next time I’m not doing my own editing, haha.  There are better people out there, and being a good DIY artist is knowing when NOT to do it yourself.

6.      Besides being a great musician, you  also produce music and help artists like Alexa Vetere.

Ron: I love producing.  It may be what I love most.  Co-writing, helping artists make their music come alive…

7.      It must be quite a challenge I think to get all these things done?

Ron: It’s always a race against the clock, and you have to trust your instincts.  Don’t over think anything, just do what you do and have faith.  In the past year I finished & released four albums of music – Alexa “Breathe Again”, Poc “Rise Above”, Scarface “Work Ethic” and all the solo releases with the transcriptions & backing tracks & recording stems ( ), and that’s with being away on the road half the time and rehabilitating from brain damage and arms I couldn’t raise in front of me.  If you trust yourself, have faith, don’t second guess, don’t over think, you’d be surprised what you can get done.

Art by:Axl Owlman

 8.      Solo you always work with drummer Dennis Leeflang, how is it to work with this Dutchie?

Ron: Dennis!  YES!  We’ve been playing together since 10 years ago, we did a tour together around The Netherlands, clinics & shows…  from there we continued playing shows around Europe, then he came to NYC and we were able to record together, did the Normal & Abnormal CDs and the song-a-month releases last year…  he’s more than a great drummer, he’s an excellent producer too….!

9.      You are a big food lover!  Is there a dish from Holland you look forward to eat June 4th in Rotterdam?

Ron: Some good satay maybe?   I’m sure I’ll eat well…!

10.  You also are on the recently released debut “Breathe Again” from Alexa Vetere.  How was it to get this album out and work which such a young talent?

Ron: I took it on as a challenge when it began.  I was teaching her to sing, play, write, and from there she grew into her own.  The music we released was from when we had begun in the mid-2000’s, it was her and the Bumble Band, haha – me & Dennis…  we did some shows in NY & LA and then I got busy with GNR, she pursued her education, and now years later we wanted to share what we made all those years ago.  Hopefully we can release more music in the future.

11.  Thanks for this interview, is there anything you wish to share with our readers?

Ron: Thanks for reading, see y’all soon!


Interviewer: Ronald van de Baan


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