Interview with Nige and Sy from Onslaught

Onslaught is once again wreaking havoc in the Netherlands. After releasing ‘Sound of Violence’ in May 2011 it has been a while since we heard some news.
They  performed at the 1st edition of Hard & Heavy at Rijssen A perfect opportunity to test my skills in my very first interview.


Hi Nige, Last day of this leg of the tour, are we in for a special treat tonight? Because it’s the last one ?
Nige : I’d like to think so, we try to give everybody a special treat every night, of course this is the first time we played ‘The Force’ in its entirety. We’re mixing up other stuff with it as well, it’s kind of an interesting set from start to finish. There are three distinctive sections, so yeah, it’s been going well.

You started and ended the tour in The Netherlands. Do you have a special bond with this country?
Sy: Yes, we do. We’ve played back in the 80’s we came to both Belgium and Holland, can’t remember which is which really because it was our first… we certainly played the Dynamo Open Air in ’86. So that was quite special.. and Holland was always… yeah we always had a great time being here.. great country great people. Great to be here every time.

Izegrim and Cripper are also tagging along with you, how was the experience touring with them?
Nige: It has been good, everyone has been gotten along really well. No friction at all anywhere. No bad one person no nothing..

So pretty relaxed ?
Nige: Yeah well, apart from the size of the bus, as we said earlier, very cramped and all, but in terms of personal friendships it was really cool.

credit: Ernst van Rossum

Awesome! And I’ve heard from him (Ronald) that you were touring through the states this April, how was that?
Sy :It was great, awesome..! 21 shows in 21 days,8500 milesin a minibus, well we had hotels and that was pretty comfortable to be honest with you, it was very successful, it was a really cool tour. When the album is going to be  released in May 2013, we’re going back to America first this time, all is been planned as we speak.

Sounds of Violence is still doing great, are you guys happy with how this album has been received?
Nige: Yeah amazing, it has been the best received album from the press for sure. The best reviews, and the fans seem to love it. It’s really showing up in the live performances now, when we play the Sound of Violence we’ll get the best response of anything probably, well maybe ‘Power From Hell’, so that’s always a good sign. The young kids are getting into it as well. So it seem we’re doing something right I guess.

I heard you guys are heading to the studio this fall, what can we expect from the upcoming album?
Nige: A more intense, faster, heavier, then the Sounds of Violence I guess.

Sy: I think a little more progression as well again. There is certainly one song which is going to be absolutely amazing then maybe we ever produced. String sections, choir. It’s going to be epic.

Nige: Yeah I mean the way I’m looking at it, the moment, the stage we’re at is the same step we’ve made from ‘Killing Peace’ and ‘Sounds of Violence’ and from ‘Sounds of Violence’ to the next album. We’re not going to stand still, we’re not trying to stand still, Onslaught is not the band for it to stand still, and in a way you can’t, you always have to keep moving. I mean, each album is radically different from the previous one, we need to keep moving and changing, building the fan base. And what Sy says we’re going to do an epic track this time, something different, to keep things fresh.


After the latest album there has been some massive touring, is there any chance a live DVD is coming out for the fans?
Nige: I think next year, being our 30th anniversary, we’re planning to do a lot of recording over that period of time so I think it’s going to be like a ‘30th anniversary DVD’ coming out maybe late 2013 or the start of the year after.

If you look back on your endeavors, what period of time stands out the most for you personally, and why?
Sy: I think now,

Sy: Absolutely. The 80’s were pretty good, to be part of the original thrash scene in the world, but, we didn’t get to go to places in the ‘80s, Belgium and Holland were as far as we went, but since we were back, within two years of reforming we have been in Japan, twice in South-America, we went to North-America, we’ve done the whole Europe and Eastern-Europe as well. There aren’t many countries left to cover. The only thing I wish is that we had more time to see where we are. Mostly it’s like when you wake up you are in the middle of an industrial place looking bleary eyed around you and thinking… where are we..? no shops, nothing to see. No castles, no museums, that would be awesome. But now is definitely the period which stands out. We’re producing the best music, we’re getting the best response from the fans and press alike. If someone would have asked twenty years ago if I would be doing this when I’m 50 I would say no, would be silly. But here I am, 50 years old and doing bigger and better than ever.

I heard you got a crush on Mötorhead, was this the band which ultimately made you pick up the guitar as well?
Nige: Not really, Mötorhead is good but Discharge is my favorite and my earliest influences and that band made me want to play guitar, get out and do something live. But obviously Mötorhead brought the more metallic side, where Discharge has a metal edge to its music, Mötorhead brought the full on metal. It kind of molded together into what eventually made me pick up the guitar. When we were on tour with them it was absolutely fantastic and we learned everything from them. From being on the road, how to treat people, everything.

How did Onslaught start back in the day ?
Nige: Well, Discharge being the main influence, me and a friend of mine used to follow them everywhere, sleep in whatever was available. They put us on their guest list eventually. Ultimately we decided that since we love the music so much and we wanted to be a part of it, why don’t we make a band? So me and the guy along with another guy, started a band, those are the two who are on the very first Onslaught demo and that’s how it started really.

What is the next milestone Onslaught is hoping to achieve?
Nige: I think that’s coming at the end of next month, possibly.

Sy: The new territories we have yet to explore, and at the end of next month and in November we’re  going to Taiwan, Singapore, 3 or 4 shows in Japan and 3 or 4 shows in Australia and possibly Thailand as well.

Nige: This is why we’re so exciting, we are getting the chance to go actually go to places and play our music for the fans instead of just having the album. We are talking to someone about going to Russia next year and then it’s only China left and the South Pole I think. Playing for a bunch of penguins and polar bears, a penguin-pit should be interesting.

Well this is pretty much it for the interview thank you very much for doing this, is there anything you wish to share to us, the fans etc. ?
Just a massive thank you to all the fans and the press for allowing us to do this in 2012 and in a successful way, we can’t thank everybody enough for that. Without you guys we wouldn’t be here so thank you.

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Interview taken by Imke van Rossum


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