Interview Pooyan Ahmadi (Bloody Sadism)

Interview Pooyan Ahmadi (Bloody Sadism).

Hey Pooyan , how are you doing?
“Hi. I’m good. Thanks.”

When and how did you decide to form Bloody Sadism and does the name have any special meaning for you?
“I founded it in 2014 and yes, it does. It’s about sick minds and the worst things that a human is able to do and also introversion issues.”

Last year you released your debut album “Elequent Atrocity” via Base record production. Before that you worked with a lot of other bands. Could you in general describe your contribution to those bands and what kind of bands that were?
“I’ve worked with more than 30 bands since 2009 and my music career includes several genres. The main genres were Classical, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal and I believe that you can learn many things from your mates in bands.”

Bloody Sadism is a one man band and you play almost all the instruments yourself besides the drums i think!? Any plans of working with a complete band in the future?
“Yeah you’re right my friend. I rather to be alone at this moment… but no one knows the future. Maybe I’ll invite some artists for a band.”

Elequent Atrocity is a pretty brutal record but also very atmosferic. How did you come up with that combination and how was the record received by the press and fans?
“Look… the album has some targets and wants to describe something. If you take a look at the lyrics, you will understand my friend. Fans have told me that it’s not a normal thing like many other bands and it has (I mean track 9 that’s called Lucid Dream) a real signature in lyrics and composing structure and you know, it is my pleasure that they really like this new style. The feedbacks were fantastic.
‘Lucid Dream’ is a new genre. I composed it suddenly and I’ve tried to do something special. After a while, I found that arpeggios and I really love that. “

What are your plans for the immediate future, let’s say the coming five years?
“I can’t for tell my plans and future but I promise to try and do my best and be better and better in the future.”

Thank you for your time.
You’re welcome.

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