Interview with Haubersson and Maggesson (Revel In Flesh)

Op 2 december komt het nieuwe album “Emissary of All Plagues” van Revel In Flesh uit. Natuurlijk kunnen jullie op onze pagina een review van dit album lezen. Maar we hebben Haubersson (zanger) en Maggesson (gitarist) ook het vuur na aan de schenen gelegd middels een interview. Lees alles over hun vierde album, de hoes, komende optredens en nog veel meer.


Hello Mister Haubersson & Maggesson, here’s Frank from Congratulations on your new record “Emissary of All Plagues”. I’m glad you found time for this interview. Four records and a bunch of split/EP’s, you are busy men!
“Haubersson: Cool to be a part of the Livereviewer webtomb…yes, we’re currently in the middle of the promotional campaign for the 4th full length album. Busy days, but we keep the Metal flowing constantly, Ha!”

“Maggesson: Thanks for having us.”

First, let me ask a few things about the recording. How did the process go?
revel_in_flesh_1_m_sedelmaier“Maggesson: Well, this time it took us nearly one and a half years to get everything done. Right after the completion of the “Death Kult Legion” album we’ve done several sessions to bring the new ideas from the demophase to the final versions.
In July 2016 we did the final recording sessions and nailed down the versions that you hear now on “Emissary of All Plagues”.
As a matter of fact, we never stopped writing new material since we started Revel In Flesh back in 2011, so we never really run dry on ideas, so to say.
This time we chose not to hurry and take our time, but in the end there’s always a lack of time when the deadline for the album gets closer and closer.”

“Haubersson: Yes, our deadline was August 2016, which has been the period in which we booked Dan Swanö for the mix and mastering duties in the well-known Unisound Studios. As you know as well the whole production process, like vinyl pressing etc. was also in the schedule since we aimed for a release still in 2016.”

I know you live far away from each other, about 100 kilometres away I heard. So normal rehearsal won’t fit you. Your guitarplayer Maggesson has his own studio and you recorded the record at that studio. Did all the songwriting take place in several sessions in the studio?
“Maggesson: Yes, like all our other albums and splits the complete songwriting took place at my studio, mostly in several sessions. If one of us comes up with an idea for a riff or a song we can easily meet and record it instantly. According to this way of working we are able to work on the recorded stuff whenever we find time to and as a very good side effect you never forget any riffs, phrases or rhythmic pattern.”

“Haubersson: Yes, due to the kilometre distances from our living places to each other we are not the typical rehearsal room writing band, so having the studio as a sort of “Revel idea workout cave” is a real blessing. We usually just hook up for rehearsals when we have shows coming up. Actually we have two rehearsal places…one in Swabia and one in Bavaria, Ha! Ha!”

Maggesson has produced and mixed the record. Are you a professional producer or do you only produce Revel in Flesh productions?
“Maggesson: Not exactly! I produced and recorded the new album and all the REVEL stuff thus far, but the mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö. I’m not a professional producer, it’s more a hobby thing besides my daily job.
I produced not only the complete Revel stuff but also demos and albums of my other bands and of course other bands from our local area, like for example the new Fleshcrawl EP.”

The mighty Dan Swanö did the mastering and re-amping of the record. How did that all go? Did you go to his studio or did he come to you? Tell me about it. It’s such a great production and mister Swanö himself says it has the ultimate Swedeath sound. You must be very proud of it.
“Maggesson: Absolutely. Dan once again did a great job in finding and creating a sound that fits our music and style. He has the special ear and feeling for this kind of music and by the way he did the mixing and the mastering for the album. The usual process of getting an album mixed and mastered by him is quite simple. You send your stuff via data transfer to Dan so he can start with his magic and after a few days you get the first audition tracks and from that point on it goes a few times back and forth until everyone is satisfied with the end product. It’s always very efficient and an inspiring way to work with Dan, because he always adds new facets to our own sound!”

There are several guest appearances on this record from members of Putereaon and Entrails. How did you get in contact with them? What was their contribution? How was it all recorded? For example, did they come to Maggesson’s studio or did they record at home and send the files to you?
“Maggesson: We played some gigs with Entrails and two mini tours together with Puteraeon, so we knew the guys quite a while and it was no problem to get them involved with some solo contributions to the album. Both Jonas (Puteraeon) and Jimmy (Entrails) recorded their solos in their own (home recording) studios and then sent the stuff over so we could add the solo-files to our songs.”

Now some questions about the artwork.

Juanjo Castellano did the cover artwork, as he did all the previous artwork on your records. Please tell me the story behind the cover.
12 gatefold (ob chlopne otevrene).indd“Haubersson: Yes, Juanjo Castellano basically had a sort of short story gathering around the concept of the artwork! A possessed person with some sort of clerical background was sentenced to death due to his outrages among the living! He was condemned to be buried alive. In the realm of the obscure depths of suffering the flesh was festering, but the mind and spirits of evil never fall apart! The sort of “rotten priest” returned in a sort of revenant person to the living! He celebrated his comeback as the “Emissary of All Plagues” and as you see on the artwork he finally managed to bring back the deadly plagues of the rotten Death! Well, I guess to you as a Death Metal fan, this story is easily enough to set up your imagination, Ha! Ha!”

I found out that the cover was created before the songs were finished and that several songs are inspired by the cover. Is that the normal way you record your records? Tell me more. For example, did you give mister Castellano some ideas to work with?
“Haubersson: No, actually it has been the very first time that we’ve taken a more or less finished artwork, which was not created in the same timeline as our album, but it has been a refreshing experience! Basically we’ve started to discuss with Juanjo a concept for a new cover artwork in early 2016. My vision was to have a main central figure; an eye catcher, so to say! After some sort of sketches; Juanjo, who in the meanwhile really belongs to the close circle of REVEL IN FLESH supporters, showed me a sort of project work to which he contributed through several years. I was literarily blown away! This art was 1:1 the same as what you see nowadays as the “Emissary of All Plagues” cover! Actually Juanjo even came up with the title! I already mentioned the story in the previous question and as you can imagine this complete morbid creation is like a sort of tomb of inspiration for Death Metal lyrics! Titles like “Casket Ride”, “The Dead Lives On” or “Servants of the Deathkult” have been heavily inspired by the atmosphere of the artwork!”

I can recognize pieces from Entombed “Left Hand Path” (the gravestone), Dismember “Like an ever flowing stream” (those bloody waterfalls on the top, in the middle of the cover) in it. It also looks like it’s inspired by Dan Seagrave’s early 90’s death metal covers. Is that coincidence or on purpose, or is it even just something I only see?
“Haubersson: I know that this art has some strong references and comparisons are always a good thing to explain a style, but with a lot of respect; this artwork finally shows the developed style of Juanjo Castellano, who is in my opinion one the absolute best artists in today’s underground scene. He became so damned good in adding this sort of “epical touch” to his artworks and this is what reminds most about the good old classics from the 90s! Furthermore, in this art that “handmade” touch is still visible!”

And now to end this interview some random questions.
You have this UFO cover ‘Doctor Doctor’ on the record. It sounds great, but how did you come up with that idea?

“Maggesson: We drunk and partied a lot to that song during the last years so it was only a question of time until we decided to give it a proper dose of HM2 pedal madness and include it into our list of tribute-to-the-hm-2-gods-songs…”

Are there any plans for a tour to promote this record?
“Maggesson: A tour would be great but there is nothing fixed yet. We’ve just started the planning for next year’s live appearances and there are some cool things coming up, but until now no tour is 100% fixed, so let’s wait and see what is yet to come!”

“Haubersson: One thing that we can reveal to you: We will invade Holland for the first time in February and we will come back in September for a damned cool indoor underground Festival with a lot of old school Death Metal madness on the billing. Simply check the Revel FB page on a regular base to check the dates!”

With which band(s) do you want to perform, or even tour? And at which venues or festivals do you want to perform?
“Maggesson: There are too many bands to mention we would like to a play or tour with, just as there are a lot of interesting venues and festivals we didn’t play in yet, especially outside of Germany. but we are working on that!
We are already confirmed for next year’s Protzen Open Air’s 25th anniversary edition and we’ll definitely play more shows and festivals next year to promote the new album!!! Stay tuned!!!”

This is your second record on Cyclone Empire, you were familiar with the company before. Are they supporting you the way you want? And do you support them the way they want?
“Maggesson: Yes, we are quite pleased with the work Cyclone Empire did so far.
They did the best they could do for Revel, especially for a label according to their size. We see things realistically; as a band with our size/status you have to work on a sort of DO IT YOURSELF basics. You have to do mostly everything on your own to bring the band to the next level. It’s always about hard work and dedication and I think that Cyclone can also be absolutely pleased with us, our work and how we do things, too.
We are not only releasing new stuff in regular intervals but are also permanently active on the live sector to promote our stuff which is nowadays more important than ever before because the scene is so big and overloaded that it’s hard for a band to stay in the mind of people!!! “

Are there any new records or even new bands that you want to mention here?
“Maggesson: Yeah…check out the new Anaal Nathrakh album…a hell of a beast! And of course my other band Rotten Pope that just released the first album called “Rotten Tunes”! Geballer at its best.”

“Haubersson: Without a doubt the scene is overloaded, but you still get a lot of good, promising and filthy bands. Currently I listen to the new album of Blood Incantation, what a beast! I also like the new works of Soulburn, Dead Congregation, Carnal Tomb, Vanhelgd & many more!”

And of course it’s now time for the famous ‘last words’…….
“Maggesson: Thanks…..”

“Haubersson: Check our facebook page for more info’s and make sure to check out our 4th album “Emissary of All Plagues”!!! HAIL THE DEATHKULT!!!”

May I thank you for your time and I wish you all the best with this great record that you unleash upon mankind.

Interviewer: Frank Joustra

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