Het was weer tijd voor een potje stevige en heerlijke muziek. Op 3 Oktober 2012, in de Melkweg in Amsterdam, trad de band Rival Sons op. Een bijzondere avond vol blues en rock n’ roll. Rival Sons heeft het weer voor elkaar gekregen. En ik heb de kans gekregen om deze fantastische band voor de show nog enkele vragen te kunnen stellen. Een gezellig boel, dat was het zeker.

My name is Kelly Papa and I am from
First of all, please can you introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is  Robin Everhart and I am playing the bass in the band Rival Sons.

And welcome in Holland again. A lot of us saw you the very last time as the opening act for Guns N’ Roses in Rotterdam. A lovely city, isn’t it? Do you like Amsterdam too?
Yeah, I like Rotterdam a lot. But I love Amsterdam.

And what is the main thing you like about Amsterdam?
I like the canals, like the prettiness of the city kind of gets a rap for all the whores here and the weed. But it is actually quite beautiful to see all the people here riding bikes in the rain, holding hands and having marathons trough the city. Haha, cause in LA they having it like once a year. And here it is so regular.

It is so true, ha! But now back to Guns N’ Roses. We are all very curious about your opinion.  What is Guns N’ Roses like?
It is clearly kind of a very different band now a days. It is not the original line up, but we get to meet  most of the guys, and no we didn’t meet Axl. But Frank Ferrer, the drummer, all time world class man, he is such a fun guy and such a fun hang. And of course all the other guys, they were very nice to us. I wish we could do more shows, but we did that show in Rotterdam and also one in Germany. But it was a lot of fun to do.

And I heard you guys met Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin two days ago. Please tell us more about that moment!
Yeah, that was real cool. So, Ross Halfin, a photographer and also a friend of ours, always is like, yeah I am Jimmy Pages best friend and I have played him “Pressures And Time“, and Jimmy Page was like: “Aah, it is close huh?” (Led Zeppelin sort of style).  We had to play at the BBC that day, and our manager met Jimmy a long time ago, and also the guy from Mojo, Phill, was there too, so it wasn’t  entirely weird. It was definitely surreal but, ehm we were prepared I think? Haha, we didn’t go to crazy fan boy on him!

Haha! So you already met a lot of great musicians. Are there any other artists you want to work with?
I had like to work with Prince, and I had like to work with Rafael Saadiq, also with Kurt Rosenwinkel, a jazz guitarist. I mean, sure yes there are plenty. I like to work with everybody. Yes, everybody. Ha! So call me up! Or on twitter, at Robin Everhart. Hire me for some bass! Hahaha!

We sure will! On 17th of September your new album came out ‘Head Down’. Can you tell us more about that new album?
So, it is our fourth album. And we recorded it in February, in Nashville Tennessee. With our producer who also recorded our other three albums. He used to live in LA but he moved to Nashville, so we were kind of forced to move to Nashville as well. We came off of one tour, head off a couple of weeks in February, and then we had to go right back on tour in March. So it was like, we loaded our gear in straight in the tour van. It was like from the tour in the studio. There was so little time, it is something like our style, always. Cause we don’t prepare, we don’t write songs beforehand. We write it that morning en recorded that day, it was like a song a day. In total it took 22 days this time. 22 days of hair pulling out madness!

And what is the meaning behind the debut single ‘Keep On Swinging’?
Jay, the singer, said it is a boxing term. I guess it is. But never heard about keep your head down, in boxing terms it is something like, keep your hands up, right? But it means, stick with it.  Be persistence even when life is getting you down. Keep trying, keep going. It is positive without being greedy, I  hope.  But if you want to be a sad sack, be a sad sack.

And where did the inspiration came from?
It was like improvisation. Cause we had so little time, like a few days. It is just what happens, it was like some creativity, and that is what came out. But I don’t really know. Nobody really knows.

And who has written the songs?
We all jam, and someone comes up with a riff and then there is a big fight, and yeah, later we got a song. And Jay writes the most of the songs, cause he got to sing it.

And what is the song of the new album you like to play the most?
I like “Wild Animal”, it is really fun to play. “Jordan” is very nice playing. Cause it is very nice and quite. And we never get a chance to be minimal and quite. Yeah, cause everyone knows we are a very loud band, right? Ha! So it is very nice to be quite once. Well I don’t know, it is nice to play new songs. But the old songs are cool to. I like playing, that’s it. Ha!

On the new album there is also a song in two parts, like part one and part two. But the songs are two different ones.  What is it all about?
They actually were completely recorded separately from each other. Part two, was like one of the first songs we recorded. And then there was part one, that we recorded a while later. They kind of had a mood about those two. They were different from all the songs we were doing. Jay came up with a story, a very sad story about our families getting killed. So we continued in the second part, and we were in a sad mood. Yeah, it is heavy, heavy shit. But that is the whole story behind that two songs.

Very heavy shit, yeah. But everything is going so great now. A new tour and a new album. What is the next step?
Another new album and another new tour. And then a album and then a tour. And then a tour and also another tour. And a lot of festivals, and then a tour. And another album! Oh and.. another tour. Yes, that’s the plan! Hahaha!

Hahaha! Great! So what is your favorite place to perform then?
Holland of course! Haha! Amsterdam, it should be very good tonight. I am looking forward to playing here. Man, there are so many places that are so great to play. Most places we go, the fans are hungry. Pretty much everywhere we go.

How is this tour going so far. I heard a lot of shows where sold out?
Yeah, a lot of shows in the UK were sold out. And also a lot of great crowds. It is going very great. We met Jimmy Page and it’s going really good. We did national radio here. We played in That Live! At the BNN. And we are doing another television show tomorrow in Germany, it is like a lot of great stuff. We are so busy, but it’s good. I like to be busy!

One last question. What can we expect of tonight?
An ass kicking show! It would be a lot longer than the normally play, cause we got all the new songs. So we gonna give it to ya’ll! You gonna get what’s coming!


Interview taken by Kelly Papa


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